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Hi, I’m Loreal Williams. I have been working in Australia for 2 years. I only used a wagon and a camper to play all over Australia, so I want to share with you how I did it.

On this website, I’ll share with you the methods of road trips, including route review, recommended itinerary, attractions, accommodation (including campgrounds), supermarket supply points, gas stations, and my own experience.

The country of road travel is not only in Australia, but I also have a strong interest in the United States, some countries in Europe, some countries in Asia, if I have to go to the local and carry out my road trip plan, this website will continue to update.

If I haven’t been to that country yet, but I’ll try to share a viable road trip plan, maybe you just need it.

Are You Traveler Too?

In general, you must be one of the following reader types:

1. Shorten-travelers
2. Working holiday backpackers
3. Local residents

Yes, this website is a detailed talk about Australian road travel planning. However, the content of all road trip articles, in the beginning, will refer to the distance of a certain route, and then will be divided into two blocks to discuss:

  • For short-term travelers, what is the route worth to be included in the road trip plan? Maybe we are family trips, maybe backpackers, how does this country plan for road trips for me?
  • For working holiday backpackers, what route is worth including in the road trip plan? If you have a car, how can you travel? If there is no car, how to plan?
  • Are you a local resident? You should have a car, a free mover, I don’t have to talk too much!

Get My Articles Read & Planning Yours!

At the end of each article, I’ll present a few attractions worth visiting, some of which I have already visited, and some of which are suggestions my friends have given me, even if I have not been there. You can add these attractions to your plan at the right time.

Of course, you can flexibly adjust your travel plans without having to relocate my proposed attractions and carefully consider your travel budget.

Now let’s get started!

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