Australia Road Trip Driving Planner

Road Trip Around Australia Self Drive Just In 30 Days! Would You Like to Try It?

I’ve been to over 100 unique attractions during 30 days trip at lower costs! You Can Do it like me!

If you are the guy who dares to move, let me show you my plan! Believe that you CAN’T WAIT be there achieve your dream:

Escape to Unmanned~

uluru sunset view northern territory
(Ayers Rock sunset view, NT)

Jump to Aqua~

lucky bay aqua white sand beach esperance western australia
(Lucky Bay, Esperance, WA)

See the New World~

kata tjuta valley of winds lookout2 sight
(Kata-Tjuta, Valley of Winds Lookout, NT)

These are just part of mine; now, I created an ebook itinerary including the most popular attractions & route maps. Now Publish!

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Then, Let’s Get Start Plan Your Road Trip:

jeep vehicle for road trip

Choose Your Car

No matter where you go, a work well vehicle always best for you. Here I share tips to choose your excellent car. Read More>>

Plan your route plan

9 Best Routes For Caravan Road Trip Plan

Recommend nine best route maps if you want to have a great escape with a camper van in Australia. Make sure you’ve ready read this series, not only route maps specific outback destinations. Read More>>

Australia Stunning attractions

Find Your Stunning Moment

Would you like idle speed across the far distance destination? Or stay at some small-town & enjoy the starry sky? Things to do just from here! Read More>>



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Just follow your passion & climb to the top. But, for most travelers, take action, keep moving, don’t stop, and go toward the next hundred kilometers destination.

Bring your everything, camera, backpack, rent a car, plan route. Let’s get over the whole land tripping in Australia!

Australia road trip in 30 days route map


Here, Driving Around Australia 30 days four weeks itinerary, let me visited over 100 attractions!

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