19 Questions Must Ask You Before Road Trip

Every time you travel with self-driving, you will always have a good aftertaste because you never know what will happen in the next moment. No one expected what happens on the road, so I always look forward to fully prepare for every trip, even if you have been with your family together. So this is written for you who want to drive, a questions list must ask you before starting.

Whether you are a couple, a couple, a family, or a family, you will be brave. Before you start a road trip, I advise you to check everything before, even though you think it’s nothing, no one wishes something wrong, right? Absolutely keeping safe is most important!

If you don’t say much, check each item immediately and make sure that the preparations are ready.

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So let’s check these questions.

1. How Much Fuel Left? Is It Full Now?

Before each drive or after the end of the journey, it is best to pay attention to the oil meter. You may think that it is not harmful to go back a little bit. Still, sometimes you will forget what kind of attraction is temporarily opened, or the road is just not refueling. Station, isn’t it awkward?

So it’s best to fill up the oil every time you start or when the journey is about to end.

2. How Many Kilometers On Your Car?

Not only the oil meter but also the number of kilometers you are looking at. At present, it is a few kilometers away. How many kilometers are left before the next car maintenance mileage? It is best to know that your car can still work for a few kilometers.

What if the journey exceeds the number of kilometers? The more the car is delayed, the more likely it is to damage the engine and cause the cylinder to shrink!

If you already know when the next long-distance trip is, it is best to check the number of kilometers of your car early and then do maintenance. It will not be anxious.

3. Are kilometers Reach 5000 Kilometers? Do You Make Appointments for Car Service?

You found that the number of kilometers has arrived. As a result, you forgot to go to the maintenance factory and then traveled in a few days. The result is just about no maintenance factory. So how many kilometers are left in the car to be maintained?

In my own experience, if you are less than 500 kilometers away from the maintenance, you must hurry to do maintenance because a long journey is close to this mileage. Therefore, always remember the phone number of your maintenance factory, the better the appointment as soon as possible.

4. Is your Engine Tank Water Enough?

The car water tank should ensure that there is enough water to properly cool the engine. Otherwise, the engine temperature is too high, and you have to pause the journey.

I think the feeling must be horrible. Go to the petrol station, or you can check it yourself and add water as appropriate.

5. Should Your Car Wiper be Replaced?

This part is a problem that many drivers should pay attention to. In fact, as long as the wiper is used for a long time, as long as it is brushed, it will hear a very harsh sound. I have encountered this problem before, and then I will know the original wiper life after maintenance.

Already, the middle rubber has been fatigued, and at that time, the entire set of wipers has been replaced. Therefore, it is recommended that you only pay attention to the unusual wiper sound.

6. How Long Has Your Car Been Cleaned Up?

Do you often drive? I believe you usually eat in the car many times or get off the shoes and shoes, bringing sand and dust into the car; these things pile up. For a long time, it will definitely cause the air quality in the vehicle to be terrible. So, I suggest that you have to find time to clean up the car every other week, especially the mat, which is the easiest to soil. In addition, dust is nasty for our lungs.

The mat is pulled out and squatted on the ground in an open place. Take a shot. If you have a vacuum cleaner, you can clean it up more cleanly.

By the way, in addition to the mat, the front seatback seat must have a lot of small debris piled up in the gap, mixed with dust, piled up for a long time is also very scary. You do not want to sit at a table of the dust results in the dusty car? Every weekend you have time, you can use a vacuum cleaner to clean the car seat.

7. How Long Has Your Car Not Been Washed?

As long as you drive outside or after a few car trips, the car will definitely be dirty. Even if you have cleaned the glass several times, it is recommended that you drive the vehicle to wash it when the weather improves. As for the weather, Ok, it shouldn’t be time to clean it. Many petrol stations have a car wash service. When you refuel, it is ok.

Of course, suppose you want your car to last longer. In that case, it recommends doing car beauty for a while to do the wax protection of the whole vehicle. If possible, together with the car’s front seat, the driving control dashboard, most of which are leather.

It recommends doing regular cleaning and waxing maintenance but also extending the life. After all, the car has been exposed to the wind for a long time. If the car shell is not well waxed and maintained, it will be easy to rust and rust the car for a long time…

Unless you don’t care at all, you will lower the selling price if you want to sell it off later. After all, who will look like the old car, isn’t it?

8. What’s the Tire Pressure Now? Need To Replace New Tires?

How long have you not helped the tires? The car doesn’t have to wait until the maintenance time to refill the tires. In regular times, you just have to get off the car and look at the tires. If you find that the tires are flattened, you should immediately pump up the tires.

Then, if you have a tire repair, you can use some tire repair tools to fill the tire’s surface or scratch the cut. Of course, it is also necessary to say that it is essential to regularly clean the rim and the tire. It is effortless to clean it for a long time. Rust or even scraped the tires. Otherwise, it is costly to change tires.

Regarding the tire pressure, I suggest that you install a tire pressure detector. If you only look at the wheel, you may not determine the current tire pressure.

If you don’t seem to have an average surface, you don’t know how to get a long distance. For tourism, stable tire pressure is absolutely the most important!

9. What’s the Condition of your Car Battery?

This is a very easy to ignore project because as long as one is not careful, the car may not send electricity. And then have to trouble the road rescue, the mood will be affected. As long as the battery check is not enough, it must be changed immediately.

In addition, by the way, as long as the car is off, remember to turn off the lights. Otherwise, the lights will eat your battery, resulting in no electricity to start the vehicle and delay the trip! By the way, bring the car’s mobile power supply for emergency use.

10. Is the Rubbish on Your Car Cleaned Up?

I think this is an essential part. No one likes a bunch of weird smells in the car. After every journey, or on the road, or after eating in the car, just stop and rest. Immediately clear all the garbage on the car and throw it away. This is a good habit and must be developed.

By the way, you must install a garbage bin for the car and then prepare a few plastic bags to hold the garbage. Don’t worry about the jar toilet paper bag or the card, which is very unsanitary.

11. Do You Installed Dash Video?

Want to enjoy a long-distance bus tour? What else must be installed, such as driving recorders, satellite navigation, mobile phone brackets, flat brackets, the recommended recommendations you must install? Please read our driving recorder review article for this section.

12. Are Your GPS Satellite Navigation Maps Updated?

If you’re just using your phone’s Google Maps navigation, that’s not bad. However, suppose you use the satellite navigation included in the car or the satellite navigation instrument you bought separately.

In that case, I suggest that you update the map before you travel because some roads will be modified, some will be paved, and new maps will let you take the correct route. Otherwise, people used to say what navigation navigated into the ditch, which usually did not update the map.

Of course, if you find that your road is too biased or getting smaller and no way on the road, it is best to turn around and leave.

13. Is Your Parent’s Mobile, Tablet in Full Power?

Suppose your mobile phone is running out of power. In that case, you will automatically take the power cord and connect it to the charging cable. Of course, you can never forget this action, but what about your mobile power?

In addition to charging the phone, remember not to forget the power supply. Otherwise, you only use the car charger to charge. USB is not enough to use it. It is very troublesome; even if you set a long charging cable, it is pretty inconvenient. So please remember to be fully charged before you go.

14. Do You & Your Parent’s Luggage Include Children’s All Ready?

No matter where you are going to play, it is best to make some preparations; you can change the underwear, socks, etc. The family’s luggage can also help them to look at it, today is not moving without having to bring too much.

Then the child’s thing is that the baby will prepare a few diapers and warm clothes. As for the young children, since they have to go out to play, the toys don’t need to be taken, even if they are brought with them, just one or two, just in case the children’s toys are lost. Then, when you are outside, it will be a dark memory for him!

15. Did You Check your Car & Travel Insurance? Need Renew?

Insurance does not guarantee the risk in case an accident causes injury? What Should I do? Recheck your car insurance. Is there any insurance coverage? No one will anticipate the accident, so please check with your insurance consultant about your accidental handling or personal accident insurance.

16. Does Your Children’s Homework Finish?

Every year, everyone is very busy, especially when you are working, suddenly found that you have to travel on the day of the trip, this is awkward. To push off is not to go to the appointment and will not keep the credit. It recommends that you plan your trip. The time of your journey is separate from the private date. Use a handwritten diary with a calendar to mark the event.

In addition, there is a significant but not negligible one is the child’s homework. First of all, not to say how the school education system, at least the finished task. You must be responsible for supervising the child must be completed before the trip, tell the child to say. This way you can play with confidence, and feel more relaxed and happy, isn’t it?

17. Did You Plan Itineraries For The Road Trip? Booked the Hotel Rooms?

Please confirm you’re itinerary again and be prepared to make changes at any time. In addition to planning the mainline, it is best to have a second and third alternate itinerary. If the traffic you are going to is seriously unable to pass the traffic jam; then, you don’t have to play anywhere else; maybe you are in a bad mood, right?

By the way, whether you are booking a hotel room, don’t forget to double-check the order via email before the trip. It is expected that you will come to the other party. Integrity is essential.

Then, suppose you are not sure whether you want to spend the night at this hotel. In that case, I suggest that it is better to confirm the travel route before going to the reservation room and save the temporary cancellation with others, causing people trouble.

18. Did You Prepare Enough Food & Water for Moving?

Everything was ready, and as a result, I found out that there was nothing to eat and no water to drink, which was worse than anything. So you want to say that it is good to buy a super business, but if you really start, would you think of doing this?

To start the journey, you will not think of the supplement food and water. However, it recommends buying it the day before. Although it is not for you to purchase, the primary emergency biscuits, beverages, mineral water, hot water, baby milk powder packaging. The elderly’s pills are divide, your health foods are taken, and so on. Should these bags be packed first?

19. Go to Sleep Early!

Many times, as long as it is a long-distance journey, I suggest that you sleep at 8 or 9 last night because you will get up at least three or four o’clock the next day.

When you start at about five o’clock, you will find it on the expressway. There are still many people who are leaving, the point is that the later you go, the more traffic jams! Especially when you encounter continuous holidays and Chinese New Year holidays, you will know.

Always Keep Yourself Healthy!

No matter where you want to go, the most essential thing that can’t be ignored is your family’s health. If you think about it, you will catch a cold if you want to go out tomorrow, and your throat will be uncomfortable. It is a soup.

Therefore, regularly, the best way to develop the habit of regular quantitative exercise, including standard work and normal diet. It’s not just done for yourself, your family, your children, should do this, the whole family will do it together for body health.

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