New Australia Speeding Fines Tickets List Announced

The latest Australia traffic fines cost list was announced in 2018; please review and remind yourself to drive safely every day.

Why This Post?

Exactly wrote this post for you and those tourists taking road trips in Australia. When you see the billboard show thousands of kilometers, you will think, “I’m gonna get faster now!” so you speed up.

Unfortunately for the Australian police, they are almost hiding at the roadside, maybe ducking or lying down, and shooting you with a speed gun. You never know where they hide because they are usually behind the bushes or trees. Once you see their car stopping at the far end of the highway with over 100 km speed, it’s too late.

So this is why I wrote this simple list of speeding fines tickets, to protect your wallet, so set the mindset, don’t lose your deposits while on the way.

Even if you’re shorten-travelers or non-Australia residency travelers, you might get a substantial extra fee from a car rental company if fined.

Australia Speeding Fines List

Now, here’s the list of traffic rules fines, like the cost of speeding fines; check it out:

1. Not carrying a driver’s license, no matter international & Australian: $214

2. After ten days without a change of address to notify DMV: $214

3. Driving without insurance causes an accident: $796 + Revoked driver‘s license for four years

4. Beyond the red lights: $533

5. Crossing two gold stripes (double solid lane): $425

6. Turn and U-Turn ban in place or middle of the road: $284

7. The speed (from 1-15 miles)/(from 16 to 25 miles): $224/$338

8. Driving too slow: $328

9. Do not full stop at Stop Sign: $284

10. Passing through the bus when the lights are flashing: $675

11. Holding and using the phone handset while driving: $76 the first time, $190 next time.

12. Parking place for buses: $976

13. Do not open the lamp when it is coming up 30 minutes: $382

14. Failing to wear seat belt: $160

15. Children not wearing seat belts or in child safety seat: $436

16. Wear your hearing in both ears covered: $17

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