Best 20 Attractions between Sydney Melbourne Canberra

The Australian Parliament has always been the most excellent place in my mind, solemnly beautiful and mysterious. In the city center of Canberra, whether you are traveling from Sydney or Melbourne, sure to enter here to learn about the history of Australia.

It’s an exciting topic for the Sydney Melbourne road trip but flexible for people who want fun by self-drive. Even each destination that I haven’t been to yet but recommend with high-rated reviews. Trips begin from Sydney until Melbourne, so let’s check what attractions are on this list.

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Mermaid Pools

Mermaid Pools NSW Australia

Mermaid Pools is a great place to enjoy cooling lakes; you can enjoy picnics with friends. I need to find the sign to get car parking because most people navigate to old dirt roads by Google Maps. Fortunately, the movement can be easy to find.

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Harpers Mansion

Harpers Mansion NSW Australia

It’s It’savorite place because I like a maze, suitable for a family trip. $8 for adults, then have fun with children running around and playing tag in the maze. Well-kept small gardens make you chill—the best tourist attraction for family road trips.

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Shrine of Our Lady of Mercy at Penrose Park

Shrine of Our Lady of Mercy at Penrose Park NSW Australia

Many shrines building a great place to visit midway between Sydney and Canberra is, a beautiful religious establishment. People feel chill and healing while they are here.

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Fairy Bower Falls

Fairy Bower Falls NSW Australia

A must-see attraction. Chill destination for having a picnic with family, but a bit steep to reach.

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Sunnataram Forest Monastery

Sunnataram Forest Monastery NSW Australia

This shrine, a pretty quiet and peaceful place worth being there, looks like Cambodia. And there are some wild wombats, and they are so cute!

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Big Merino

Big Merino NSW Australia

This giant statue is near the petrol station in Goulburn, convenient for car parking, loading food, having lunch, and taking a rest.

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Parliament House: The Heart of Australia

Parliament House Canberra ACT Australia

All the Australian government policy formulated here is a center of power. Sometimes you can see officers when they get a meeting; people only enter the center of the conference hall with limited openings or no permission to enter. Generally, only take photos and walk around the building (Except the House’s backyard for the forbidden area). Then, when you arrive, walk around and visit other famous buildings near Parliament House.

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Old Parliament House

Old Parliament House Canberra ACT Australia

This place is opposite Parliament House. You can see the history of Australia in this House, and you need to check the opening time.

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National Library of Australia

National Library of Australia Canberra ACT Australia

These are other places worth visiting because they usually have exhibitions there.

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Anzac Park/Anzac Parade

Weapons of War Memorial Museum ACT Australia

This place makes you feel peaceful; statues here with complete histories of wars. You can walk around and see military weapons established in the park. Weapons and equipment are at the side of the buildings of the Australian War Memorial, and you can see these statues in the park:

  • Kemal Ataturk Memorial.
  • Australian National Korean War Memorial.
  • Australian Vietnam Forces National Memorial.

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Front of War of Memorial Museum ACT Australia

The Building of The Australian War Memorial

Australian War Memorial ACT Australia

In my experience, I saw a commemorative ceremony while entering the building. Everyone is standing, quiet and sad, remembering somebody who sacrificed for the county. Saw many officers and soldiers extend greetings to everyone after the ceremony finished, and yeah, luckily got photos.

Australian War Memorial ACT Australia

I was lucky to get experience for this event as a Military Festival. This Memorial displays the history of Australian Independence and understands the records of other country’s wars. So when you plan a trip to Canberra, visit Memorial, and they might have a commemorative ceremony.

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Mount Ainslie Lookout

Mount Ainslie Lookout ACT Australia

It’s a “Must-Go” place because you can see all the main buildings of Australia like the Anzac Parade, Old Parliament House and Parliament House. What a beautiful view as long as I stand at the lookout.

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Mount Ainslie Lookout ACT Australia

Telstra Tower

Telstra Tower ACT Australia

Telstra is the No.1 telecom service in Australia, and this tower is a famous landmark in Canberra. With this particular building, you can go to the lookout and enjoy the different sight angles of Canberra City.

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Australian National Botanic Garden

Australian National Botanic Gardens ACT Australia

This place has sundry unique plants so that you can feel a chill by walking through the trail.

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National Museum of Australia

National Museum of Australia ACT Australia

This museum is suitable for family trips because you can have an exhibition tour with your child. In addition, the museum is near the Molonglo River, so it is easy to find and easily park a car.

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Cockington Green Gardens

Cockington Green Gardens ACT Australia

Great place to have a tour with family, and it’s a “Must-Go” attraction for tourist groups. You can see many small rooms, small people, and international buildings. All of these in the rose garden make you feel peaceful and childish. But food and drinks are expensive, so you need to bring yourself.

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National Arboretum Canberra

National Arboretum Canberra ACT Australia

It’s a fantastic young place with flat ground so that children will love this playground. Therefore, you can enjoy the wide sight while being there and catch the Telstra tower and Parliament House.

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Canberra National Zoo and Aquarium

National Zoo & Aquarium Canberra ACT Australia

Here you can see many kinds of animals like a meerkat, emus, giraffe, etc., which is an excellent attraction for children.

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Vietnam Veterans Commemorative Walk

Vietnam Veterans Memorial VIC Australia

This park is worth it because you can see more Australian military weapons. Vietnam Veterans Commemorative Walk is a memorial park that displays old-generation military weapons in Seymour. Seymour is just midway between Canberra and Melbourne.

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Funfields Melbourne VIC Australia

It’s a theme park for children; kids will love to enjoy the swimming pools and ride facilities in this park, which are great for family road trips! Add this to your trip!

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I will put more attractions with any updates; cheers!


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