Best 25 Attractions Sydney Melbourne Coastal

You will find more beautiful things on this east coast compared to entering Canberra.

It’s only one time; I moved from Sydney to Melbourne; the more extreme white sand beach, the water blowhole, and the quiet coastal estuary let me enjoy delicious fish & chips.

Recommended attractions you will continue to travel along the East Coast to perform great Australian road trips. In this article, you will find more beautiful sights.

As this classic attraction list, it should help you plan your road trip to Sydney Melbourne Coastal. Click Here>>

Let’s check these attractions & add them to the plan:

Now share your experience from Sydney head south on this way. You will come across Royal National Park before arriving in Wollongong; certain tourist attractions like:

Wedding Cake Rock

Wedding Cake Rock NSW Australia

This Rock is a typical attraction with fantastic forms, many people visit & some guys try to stand & sit at the side of Rock but more dangerous of tall. Recently Wedding Cake Rock had a break doubt blocked by security with caution signs, so people only stay & take photos outside.

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Wedding Cake Rock NSW Australia

To go to Wedding Cake Rock, you must park your car at The Coast track of Bundeena and follow the trail within 45 mins walk. Sometimes this cake rock will be blocked but still worth visiting by walking in the natural.

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Marley Beach

Marley Beach NSW Australia

Marley Beach is a fantastic beach also enjoyable after Cake Rock; reach there by 30 mins walk. Once you walk back to Bundeena, follow the same trail and walk back about 1 hour.

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Providential Point Lookout

Providential Point Lookout NSW Australia

This lookout is another attraction you can visit but needs a parked car at Wattamolla Parking. You can see the coast track & Providential Point Lookout for windy.

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Burning Palms Beach

Burning Palms Beach NSW Australia

This beach is the last attraction before you arrive at Figure 8 Pools; enjoy the cooling!

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Figure 8 Pools

Figure 8 Pools NSW Australia

These Pools are natural attractions close to the sea, but make sure the time of tide before you visit here, all these pools will be covered by sea tide & more dangerous to walk. To know the tide status of Figure 8 Pools, Click Here.

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Figure 8 Pools NSW Australia

To reach this attraction, park your car at Garrawarra Farm Carpark, then follow the trail through the forest. You will see the natural sea, high mountains & some woody houses on the side of the tracks. But this trail need hardly walk for at least 1 hour so make sure you bring the water, food & wear climbing shoes.

Old Helensburgh Station

Old Helensburgh Station Glow Worm Tunnel NSW Australia

This attraction is a monument located near the train station of Helensburgh, so you can go there by train if you are in Sydney. There’s an old train tunnel in the natural forest, reach there in a few minutes walk.

This attraction makes you feel amazing when you try entry, and yes, that’s glow worm tunnel! But it was destroyed by disrespected visitors, that’s so sad.

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Sri Venkateswara Temple

Sri Venkateswara Temple NSW Australia

It’s a typical Temple in Hindu culture, a solemn & quiet place worth visiting & walking around.

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Coalcliff Rock Pools

Coalcliff Rock Pools NSW Australia

This pool is similar to Figure 8 Pools; you can take a rest and enjoy windily & cooling when across here just near Leeder Park in Coalcliff town.

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Sea Cliff Bridge

Sea Cliff Bridge NSW Australia

After Coalcliff, stopping at the side of the highway, you can see this incredible view of bending shape along the sea. This attraction is on Lawrence Hargrave Dr highway.

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Southern Gateway Centre

Southern Gateway Center NSW Australia

You can take a rest & have lunch, walk to their lookout & enjoy the windy & vast grand sea, what an incredible sight! If you want to cross Sea Cliff Bridge, you can’t touch this place for different highways (M1).

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Fo Guang Shan Nan Tien Temple

Fo Guang Shan Nan Tien Temple NSW Australia

It’s a traditional Buddhism place that attracts many Asians to visit. So soaking up a little bit of China in Sydney with an introduction to Chan: Zen Buddhism did China style. Here, meditation techniques, lessons, morning tai chi, vegan food, gongs, bells, bowls, incredible architecture, fantastic art, uniforms, and very big buddhas.

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Port Kembla Lookout Hill 60

Hill 60 Lookout NSW Australia

This lookout is close to a beach that is easy to access.

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Kiama Lighthouse

Kiama Lighthouse NSW Australia

This lighthouse is just near the blowhole.

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Kiama Blowhole

Kiama Blowhole NSW Australia
Kiama Blowhole NSW Australia

It’s a “Must-Go” attraction. While arriving at Kiama, you will see the high wave bumped from this natural hole; sometimes, it will be over five floors tall waves in tides high. Click here to check the status of the tide.

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Little Blowhole

Little Blowhole NSW Australia

This blowhole is another great attraction to see waves, but you need to check the tide status of the weather.

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Trees Adventure- Nowra Park

Trees Adventure Nowra Park NSW Australia

This park is an entire wildlife zoo where you can set a family tour on your trip; fun fills as long as you walk through a sky trail between full trees in the forest. They provide full gear to keep your safety, good service & fun-filled with these animals.

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Hyams Beach

Hyams Beach NSW Australia

This beach is white sandy in Australia, similar to Whitsunday (Queensland).

Hyams Beach NSW Australia

There are several beds & breakfast services near this beach. You can touch & surf in the morning, and usually comes orange sky combined with white sandy that looks beautiful & chill.

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Jervis Bay Territory

Jervis Bay Territory NSW Australia

Here you can see wildlife kangaroos nearby. Also, you can take shots of bioluminescence algae near Jervis Bay at midnight. It’s a territory administered by the federal government of Australia. If you want to visit, you have to sign in at the NSW/JBT border check station. Click here to read more about this territory.

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Australia Rock

Australian Rock NSW Australia

Australia Rock is a popular attraction that formed naturally in Narooma. You can see those giant reef rocks while walking close to Wagonga Head. There’s a natural hole on the Rock & the shape looks like mainland Australia Yes, this is Australia Rock.

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Bar Rock Lookout

Bar Rock Lookout NSW Australia

This lookout is on the side of the sea walk trail. I saw a yacht from Montague Island while walking on the course. It’s a quiet place to take a rest & have lunch.

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HorseHead Rock

Horse Head Rock NSW Australia

Horse Head Rock is a fantastic attraction & the shape looks like a horse head. It’s a beautiful & unique place. If you want to stay till midnight, you can catch the galaxy to create magnificent pictures!

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Bermagui Fishermen’s Wharf

Bermagui Fishermen‘s Wharf NSW Australia

Besides Horse Rock stunning, you can stop at Bermagui Fishermen’s Wharf. They have local fresh seafood every day; you can enjoy tasty oysters & prawns, having a great coffee with the sea.

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Eden Lookout and Rotary Park

Eden Lookout and Rotary Park NSW Australia

It’s another excellent place for snap & lunch; park your car at Eden Rotary Park, near the seaside. I bought one pack of seafood which included fried squid rings, onion rings, prawns, fish & chips, and a coke bottle. So bring to this lookout enjoy the sea windy, sunshine; what a great lunchtime!

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I will put more attractions with any updates; cheers!


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