Sydney Melbourne Via East Coast Road Trip Planner

It’s another enjoyable road trip from Sydney to Melbourne along the east coast of Australia. This article will share how to plan this drive route & itinerary; especially you will come across Kiama, Hyams Beach, Australia Rock, etc.

Most people would like to take a road trip to Sydney Melbourne through the M31 highway inland because it’s only one way faster. Still, I will recommend some beautiful attractions east coast for a road trip by self-drive.

Before You Take Action

I must say that I haven’t been to every attraction on this road. So here I just tried some practical recommendations for road trips by my friends & residents and wrote itineraries using my experience as suggestions.

You don’t need to follow my whole plan; arrange it, add and remove some places in your mind, and consider your limited day & budget. So, hopefully, you will enjoy a fun fill & unforgettable road trip of your own!

Sydney Melbourne Coastal Drive Route Map Overview

If you are typing & check the Google Map, the route map looks like this:

Sydney to Melbourne coastal drive route map Australia
Sydney to Melbourne coastal drive route map

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This route mostly runs along the Princes Highway, which passes through many small towns & forests without a mobile network. Therefore, you will get many points to camp & enjoy more natural attractions.

How Many Kilometers Is This Route?

This route is 1028 km total distance without any stop; the fastest way needed is to take at least two days of self-drive.

How Many Days Are Best For A Road Trip?

Because that’s a long trip that takes two days, I need to stay overnight somewhere; the best place to stay overnight along the east coast is Jervis Bay. If you depart from Sydney, it will take 3 hrs up about 196 km to Jervis Bay, but take over 9 hrs 932 km if from Melbourne, So that I recommend starting the trip from Sydney.

Another point, if you want to go to Sydney from Melbourne along the east coast. Eden’s the best place to stay overnight; you need to take 7 hrs 554km. It should be better but exclude visiting additional attractions.

But, I must first say that I have not been to every attraction. I just tried to recommend some more worthwhile attractions which may be familiar to you. And the advice itinerary I gave, you don’t have to do it all, because you can’t drive as long as I can, you can follow this route at your own pace. Finally, you must carefully consider your limited vacation time. There is beautiful scenery on this road, so enjoy this trip.

Best Attractions Along with East Coast Sydney Melbourne

This section will show you these attractions that you can fill in your trip plan and some places that make you have fun with children. So take walking around, and enjoy the natural, peaceful atmosphere. Also, you will find out these tourist attractions which don’t appear in most tourist groups.

  • Wedding Cake Rock
  • Providential Point Lookout
  • Figure 8 Pools
  • Kiama Blowhole
  • Tree Adventures- Nowra Park
  • Hyams Beach

All of Wedding Cake Rock, Providential Point Lookout, and Figure 8 Pools are in the Royal National Park, and others are along the seaside.

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These three places: Wedding Cake Rock, Providential Point Lookout, and Figure 8 Pools, are in the Royal National Park. Once you decide to head there, what route is best for you? I have another article to show you this route planner; Click Here>>

3 Days Itinerary Sydney Melbourne Via East Coast Road Trip

I suggest you arrange at least three days for this coast for a day trip. Indeed you can add more days that enjoy more tourist attractions as you would.

Day 1 – Royal National Park Tour

Figure 8 Pools NSW Australia
Figure 8 Pools
  • Estimated Distance – 86.1 km
  • Estimated Drive Time – 1 hr 46 min

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In this part route, you have these places drive-through:

  • Drive to the car park from Sydney
  • Figure 8 Pools
  • Wedding Cake Rock
  • Providential Point Lookout (Optional)
  • Overnight

Day 2 – Sydney to Melbourne East Coastal Trip

Kiama Blowhole NSW Australia
Kiama Blowhole
  • Estimated Distance – 155 km
  • Estimated Drive Time – 2 hr 35 min

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In this part route, you have these places drive-through:

  • Old Helensburgh Station.
  • Coalcliff Rock Pools (Optional)
  • Sea Cliff Bridge
  • Kiama Blowhole
  • Little Blowhole
  • Trees Adventure- Nowra Park (Optional)
  • Hyams Beach
  • Overnight

Day 3 – Head to Melbourne

Melbourne City VIC Australia
Melbourne City VIC Australia
  • Estimated Distance – 700 km
  • Estimated Drive Time – 8 hr 20 min

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In this part route, you have these places drive-through:

  • Australia Rock (Optional)
  • Horse Head Rock
  • Eden Lookout and Rotary Park
  • Melbourne City (Finish).

A little story of midway to Melbourne

Heading Melbourne on the way
Way to Melbourne

The mobile network will get no service while through the forest of this route to Melbourne, which means it will cross the whole forest beyond the border and enter Victoria (VIC).

I saw a man standing at the side road & handing a stop sign to me. In contrast, I stopped in front of that man & he told me about a team logging & arranging in the forest. And he admired them for working in a non-signal environment like an escape from the city. Well, this’s a different lifestyle in Australia but similar to the United States, respect these workers.

Melbourne City VIC Australia
Melbourne City VIC Australia

After passing through several small towns of Bairnsdale, Sale, Traralgon, Morwell, and Warragul, eventually arriving in Melbourne’s big city means a complete road trip on the M1 highway with multiple paths.

So, let’s get started!

Melbourne, even if you can drive from Melbourne City well. There still are many beautiful attractions around this highway to fill your route. But I suggest you set this route on a road trip in 1 week or less. Then, finally, put on your self-drive way, get car rent & enjoy now.

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Want to know more attractions?

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I hope you enjoy this road trip, and you already know the best route to Sydney on Melbourne’s east coast. Now, get your belongings ready, get food and a map, turn on your car engine and start it! 

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