Australia Road Trip: 4 Weeks Budget Itinerary of My Plan

If you have 4 weeks (1 month) planning an Australia road trip, what will you do? Undoubtedly, Australia is a reasonably large hinterland with many attractions worth visiting. However, you have to drive for a long time with your complete patience.

In this article, I will share my trip experience with you, about an Australia road trip itinerary of 30 days! Guess you’re still confusing what place & what route should be your plan. Now, you don’t need to worry; I’m going to help you figure out your plan; check it out!

Table of Content

4 Weeks Australia Road Trip Route Overview

First, in order to let you understand, I’ve created this route map for you:

Road trip around Australia 4 weeks drive route map Australia
Road trip around Australia 4 weeks drive route map

If you ask me: “Can you travel to Australia in a month? “Yes!” I said.

I was a backpacker with an Australian working holiday visa. I stayed full for two years, been to tons of beautiful places that were so far away. These make me couldn’t imagine “Why it’s so hundreds of kilometers far and some people still living there?”

This’s a wild pioneer culture, just like Genghis Khan leading his army expanding Mongolia by horse. But today, we just raised our exploration by driving a comfort vehicle, hitting those places & enjoying your burger & beer.

As my road trip experience in Australia, I summarized 9 driving routes expanding around Australia. Continuously reading my route reviews, and you can arrange your trip plan, add some places you want. Whether you are a backpacker, short-term tourist, or local resident, these routes are worth your road trip. Click here to learn more about these 9 road trip routes.

You can choose these 9 drive routes anyway and try finishing it, filling your vacation for about 1-3 weeks, or you can follow this article, planning yours in 30 days.

4 Weeks Australia Road Trip Plan

I finished this 30 days Australia road trip by self-driving and here sharing my experience. In this 4 weeks route map, I divide these 6 parts below:

  • Week 1- Melbourne to Uluru to Alice Springs. There are two parts trip planner. First is Melbourne to Adelaide and second is Adelaide to Uluru.
  • Week 2- Alice Springs to Broome. Heading north to Darwin and turn to Western Australia to Broome.
  • Week 3- Broome to Perth. It’s fantastic and you will have great escape with lots natural attractions >>Read Trip Planner.
  • Week 4- Perth to Melbourne. It’s quiet alone drive trip when you on the way. Feeling and thinking about your life. Two parts in this trip planner, first is Perth to Adelaide, and socond is Adelaide to Melbourne. When you back to Melbourne, 4 weeks road trip complete!

Total it takes you 4 weeks to complete 6 main routes. Each route curtain has many essential tourist details. When you click any link upon the list, you can see more facts about route review, fuel stations, suggested attractions, things-to-do lists, etc.

This Plan is Best For All Travelers!

These routes are also accessible for most drivers because they are the main roads like highways, not ”unsealed roads. “ So you don’t need to worry about needing 4WD (If you have, that’s better.).

In the below chapters about these 4 parts, you will cross many countrysides & beautiful attractions. And what places like towns, attractions, restaurants, supermarket, petrol stations & accommodations you should be in each day road trip review. So please don’t miss this article, this website.

Preparation Before the Australia Road Trip

I was a backpacker in Australia for two years. To be exaggerated, maybe I can use it for the whole year in Australia, but I had to consider my budget, so I used the most streamlined way to play for 30 days. List these conditions below to let you know what I am doing:

  • Me & my friend, just two people.
  • A 2nd-hand wagon vehicle, SUV or 4WD much better.
  • Simple luggage, even soft bags.
  • Essential items in the baskets.
  • At least AUD 4,000 per person, better much more for affording any accidents.
  • Some coins for using equipment in facilities.
  • Boost SIM cards and others with which have a “PrePaid Plan” SIM.
  • Driver’s License, both we can drive for a long time.
  • No driving at night time.
  • More.. (will write more if I got some new points)

Car Service for Australia Road Trip

About our vehicle, that wagon was helpful for us to complete whole trip routes, then scrapped after this road trip. To ensure that the car still works well, we already make appointments for a car service every 5000 km. In this road trip experience, we performed 2-time car maintenance, first in Darwin, the second in Perth.

However, the maintenance of the actual replacement of more parts was before my trip; my friend spent about 1,500. But he only let me share all the fuel and maintenance costs of this trip.

Car Rent – A Big Problem for Travelers

I know that for shorten-travelers, such a trip is simply impossible to complete because it will cost a lot of money on car rental, fuel, and car service. In terms of Australia’s current oil prices, this is pretty difficult. Therefore, most car rental companies will not allow you to drive more than 3,000 kilometers.

Plus, additional fees will be charged for more than 2,800 kilometers. This does not include other consignment fees and insurance. So about hews days road trip plans for short-term tourists, you just pick ONE of them and finish it, that’s all.

As these 6 parts of the Australia road trip plan, you can choose any route you want to complete, and of course, the starting point will be different.

Why Don’t Add Cairns, Brisbane, Sydney & Canberra in This Plan?

There are many beautiful attractions in Australia, including these beautiful cities. I remember that my first stay was Cairns, then moved to Brisbane, to Sydney the following year, and then briefly visited Canberra. Although I have lived and worked in these places for several months, these places are too familiar to me.

Big cities can be used as stopping points in road trips; you can get any supplement for your trip here. Compared to those natural attractions in the distance, I think you should focus on getting to those beautiful natural attractions. Don’t forget that your days are limited.

I Have To Finish Something Before The Big Trip

Before the Australia road trip, we had a discussion. I sent my plan to my partner, and she said, “You already been to these states, so don’t need to go Eastern again!”. Plus, suppose we start up from Cairns to Central Australia. In that case, we will miss some attractions like Coober Pedy in interior South Australia.

So she adjusted the route to set Melbourne as a start point. She had a farm job in interior Victoria, and I was in Tasmania. So I took a ferry (Spirit of Tasmania) leaving TAS, and we met at Port of St.Kilda, using her car as our main transport for this road trip.

Melbourne is The Best Point to Start Australia Road Trip 4 Weeks Itinerary

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, Melbourne is an ideal starting point. Here’s the reason:

First, this’s just my drive experience, why start from Melbourne that I recommend because it’s really a convenient city you that can get any accessories, gears, arrange your luggage & load some foods from specific retail stores just like pasta, Chinese food, and Indian food ingredients (I knew there are many Asians stay in Melbourne even other big cities in Australia)

Good For Airport & Ferry Landing for You

Also, Melbourne is a “transfer point” linking Western & North states. So Western can head to Adelaide, Perth & Uluru, North head to Canberra, Sydney & Brisbane, etc.

There’s Tullamarine International Airport which is located near Melbourne City. At the same time, you arrive as your trip starts, so you can come by airplane, take a bus to the city center even if you don’t want to drive.

Overall, I recommend Melbourne City as your starting point for an Australia road trip no matter how many days you are.

Are you ready? Let’s start up the Australia road trip!

Week1 – Melbourne to Alice Springs

The trip starts from Melbourne, through Adelaide, Uluru, and head north to Alice Springs the central of Australia mainland. First, you need to complete Melbourne to Adelaide.

Melbourne to Alice Springs drive route map Australia
Melbourne to Alice Springs drive route map

In my driving experience, you need at least two days to complete Melbourne to Adelaide.

Melbourne City, as I said before, is the place where you can prepare for it first. The most important thing is to buy food and fill it up. The next half is not convenient. You can also take a city tour in the Melbourne city center for one or two days before you go.

As for Adelaide, I regard it as a final resting point, so the city tour will be carried out at the end of the self-driving journey.

So get started from Melbourne, leave Mel city. Like escape from the city to the countryside, you will see many natural attractions filling your drive route.

My partner and I will move forward on this trip by the number of days I have performed.

About Melbourne to Adelaide, to get the full trip planner, Click Here for this route overview, and I will take you review in more detail in each part of the drive trip route.

Then, the next part is Adelaide to the inland of Australia.

Adelaide to Darwin is a very long driving journey, more than 3,000 kilometers away.

I know that’s not a simple matter for many tourists. This means you must have the ability to drive for a long time, testing your body’s physical strength, patience, and willpower, and ultimately overcome dozing & boring.

Better you need at least 9-10 days to complete the part journey. But in this part, I divided this route into two parts: Adelaide to Alice Springs, and Alice Springs to Darwin for the next Week trip series.

By the way, I’m an experienced driver who can drive for more than 5 hours without rest. So the next journey is for reference only. You don’t need to completely imitate my route, including the arrival of overnight points, which will be very tiring if you try.

To get the full trip planner from Adelaide to Darwin, Click Here for this route overview.

You got two parts of route reviews, and now, let’s start day1 to day7 drive trip!

Day 1 – Melbourne to Warrnambool through Great Ocean Road

Twelve Apostles VIC Australia
Twelve Apostles VIC Australia

Route Navigation from Melbourne to Warrnambool

  • Estimated driving time: 4 hr 50 min
  • Estimated distance: 345 km

Check this route on Google Map>>

Place Passed:

As this route, you will cross these places:

  • Geelong – A big town near Melbourne that you can load food, get a toilet, get some water & let’s move.
  • Memorial Arch at Eastern View – This’s a memorial point where you can see the “The Great Ocean Road” sign; stop here & get a photo before moving. Also popular attractions worth to control & see the ocean, notice many people & group tours stopped there so be aware of your speed.
  • Lorne – This’s a beautiful bay that many people surf & enjoy the sun at Lorne Beach; you can stop here & load food at a restaurant. After that, turn to C151 Highway as seen on my Google Map route head to Twelve Apostles. You will be turning too many different roads for at least an hour, so stay focused and drive.
  • Twelve Apostles – Main attraction must go is Great Ocean Road, a popular and beautiful place to see these giant rocks!
  • Loch Arch Gorge – A beautiful bay with a white sand beach can enjoy this realistic view, but a bit froze for this water.
  • Warrnambool – A great town you can stay for surfing, but we just go shopping at Coles supermarket & break at a hostel. The hostel is good, especially Warrnambool Beach Backpackers. This backpackers is the nearby beach you can have a beach walk & enjoy the surf wind. Cars can park at the rear of the building. Click Here to find more accommodation in Warrnambool.

Our Experience:

On the first day, I strongly recommend a trip to the Great Ocean Road, where there are spectacular coastal scenery, several huge rocks standing on the sea. The natural landscape formed by the erosion of the sea breeze, not artificial, really really beautiful. Also, I’ve been to the Great Ocean Road twice (my travel partner had three times!).

One time was there in May 2017 & the other in March 2018. This second, I just only visited “Loch Ard Gorge.” I ignored Twelve Apostles because last time, I didn’t get Loch. It’s almost too many people from tour groups stopped there, especially Twelve Apostles! You know it’s a pretty popular place that most people would like to be.

When you leave Melbourne, along A1 Highway, then transfer heading to Geelong to The Great Ocean Road, you can visit these popular attractions, “Twelve Apostles.”

How to plan a trip on the Great Ocean Road? More 11 Highlights for you >>Read More.

After tripping along Great Ocean Road, I suggest you stay a night in Warrnambool. It’s the next town & on the way direct also there are several hotels & backpackers. So Melbourne to Warrnambool is just a 1-day tour from daytime to evening!

Day 2 – Warrnambool to Adelaide

The Art Gallery of South Australia SA Australia
The Art Gallery of South Australia SA Australia

Route Navigation from Warrnambool to Adelaide

  • Estimated driving time: 7 hr 03 min
  • Estimated distance: 609 km

Check this route on Google Map>>

Place Passed:

As this route, you will cross these places:

  • Penola – Just a small town, a point turn is heading north.
  • Naracoorte – Small town where we had a lunchbox by self-prepared at the park. By the way, don’t forget to prepare your own lunch because it’s expensive at restaurants. Along the way, you will see many and extensive vineyards. For backpackers, Naracoorte & Penola has the opportunity to find a job in the vineyard.
  • Keith – A point turn to the major highway to Adelaide, suggest you fill the fuel here because you will drive the longest road for several hours.
  • Murray Bridge – A medium town you can load some food & get a toilet. Also, some places you can see recommended the bridge view in Murray Bridge.
  • Hahndorf – A German-style town Close to Adelaide City that you can stop here for a walk, enjoy the pig legs meal & beer. This’s another place you can stay overnight. Click here looking for accommodation>>
  • Adelaide – Major city in South Australia, so many Gothic architectures in the city center but we will leave soon tomorrow so keep the city tour in the end. Click here looking for accommodation>>

Our Experience:

Left Warrnambool, if you check your Google Map, Google will show you the shortest route from Warrnambool to Penola. And then Naracoorte, Keith (link on A1 highway), Murray Bridge, Hahndorf, Adelaide. So initial driving from Melbourne to Adelaide must through 800km takes over 8 hrs!

If you don’t want a long time drive, 1 more day rest and stay in Adelaide for 1 night. But Warrnambool to Adelaide is just 6.5 hrs driving 604 km, so only a 1-day approach, including yesterday’s Great Ocean Road tour, totally takes 2 days.

But this is just the beginning of the trip. I didn’t take a city tour in Adelaide, instead just heading north. If you want to take time in Adelaide, leave at least one more day for this beautiful “Germany style” city.

Where Do We Stay?

We forgot to say that to get closer to the driving distance with Uluru, we did not spend the night in Adelaide. However, we later found accommodation in Clare, a small town on the B82 highway in the north of Adelaide city; I put this accommodation link in Clare if you need it.

Day 3 – Adelaide to Coober Pedy

Coober Pedy SA Australia
Coober Pedy SA Australia

Route Navigation from Adelaide to Coober Pedy

  • Estimated driving time: 9 hr 23 min
  • Estimated distance: 876 km

Check this route on Google Map>>

Place Passed:

As this route, you will cross these places:

  • Clare – A small town that we stayed for a night; if your plan is the same as us, put this as a start point on your map.
  • Port Augusta – A critical stop point that you must have done all Preparation like fuel fill-up, download map & food loading.
  • Pimba – A small town that you can stop here to have lunch & fuel reload.
  • Lake Hart – Amazing attraction with flat white salt fill this lake, but no water while we arrived in burn weather, don’t walk without foot. Here you will see some car wrecks. I don’t know why someone would try to drive into this lake.
  • Glendambo – A tiny town you can stop to take a break & fuel reload. Also, the last village before Coober Pedy makes sure you already full fuel before you leave.
  • Coober Pedy – A full opal underground town worth being! You can visit the underground museum to know how those residents are living here for a lifetime. Respect their culture & do not take anything opal stones away. Click Here looking for accommodation in Coober Pedy>>

Our Experience:

Left Adelaide (We left from Clare), then passed Port Augusta & headed north first. So we shall give to the central and get those unforgettable attractions in the center of Australia.

When you arrive in Port Augusta, I highly recommend that you do everything here:

  • Fill up fuel.
  • Eat lunch.
  • Buy food and water.
  • Go to the toilet.
  • Download offline Google Maps.

Why? Focus on fuel prices. This will significantly affect your distance and budget. Fuel prices will rise after you leave Port Augusta. This stuff in the inland areas is epic high, so I recommend filling up the fuel at each stop.

Something You Need To Notice Before Inland

Another thing is your mobile will lose all signals. At the same time, on the way inland, you have to download the route from Google Map to ensure the navigation is working.

By the way, don’t forget to buy a mosquito tent for your face to prevent a large number of flies from hitting your face.

In our experience, we saw AUD$139/L at Port Augusta but AUD$159/L at Pimba. This price is only a demonstration of the first small town entering the inland region; a “welcome gift” surprised us.

Road head to Coober Pedy SA Australia
Road head to Coober Pedy SA Australia

Port Augusta connects the road to Coober Pedy as a relay point, and the other side leads to Perth. So it is a critical supply point you must grasp. By the way, this is also your last chance to eat Hungry Jacks if you like it.

After several hours driving, finally, we arrived at Coober Pedy, a place full of opals.

Coober Pedy, where there are structures which built in the protein rock, such a special underground town!

At this route, at least drive 9 hrs from Adelaide to Coober Pedy; there’s only desert & unsealed ground, but still have some places worth being. Of course, you have to experience staying in underground accommodation!

Where Do We Stay?

When we arrived here, it was almost five o’clock in the evening, so we could not enter the opal museum. Plus we have to go to Uluru the next day, we only used to explore the town in one or two hours and went to the Radeka Downunder Underground Motel which is cheap.

You can use its kitchen for cooking for tomorrow’s meals. The rooms are underground via their stairs, and the opal is at your bedside.

Suppose you are driving a camper van on this trip. In that case, I suggest you get off and experience opal underground accommodation and enjoy the incredible feeling.

Click Here to search for accommodation in Coober Pedy>>

Day 4 – Coober Pedy to Kings Canyon

Border of SA/NT Australia
Border of SA/NT Australia

Route Navigation from Coober Pedy to Kings Canyon

  • Estimated driving time: 7 hr 53 min
  • Estimated distance: 764 km

Check this route on Google Map>>

Place Passed:

As this route, you will cross these places:

  • Marla – A small town that you better stop, fill fuel & take a break. Notice this can only be one town on the road.
  • SA/NT Border – After several hours of driving, SA/NT Border will see this sign “Welcome to Northern Territory.” Get off & take a photo as your mark, signed.
  • Ghan – This is a critical stopping point. Whether you are going to Kings Canyon or Uluru, you must pass through this fuel station and turn left. It is strongly recommended that you fill up the fuel here because it will cost more to go inside. The distance is very long, you can take a break here, drink water, eat lunch, go to the toilet.
  • Red Centre Way – This is just a sign to remind you that you have to make a right turn towards Kings Canyon, and there is a long way to get to the final Kings Canyon.
  • Kings Canyon Resort – This is the only stopping point near Kings Canyon. It is not only the caravan park site, but also the rooms, open-air kitchen let you cook, public baths, swimming pools, and a lot of flies that hit your face. Before arriving here, you will first see the millennial rocky terrain stretching along the roadside, vast and spectacular. It is highly recommended that you book early based on your travel time to avoid no seats. We were lucky, and the parking site allowed us to park overnight. Click Here for more detail>>

Our Experience:

You have heard the Uluru but maybe not listened to the Kings Canyon. Consider our route & budget; go for Kings Canyon first because these two places are very far apart from each other. I also strongly recommend that you do this, as it helps you shorten your driving time. Since you are going to Uluru, don’t miss Kings Canyon, Uluru is the next day.

Left Coober Pedy headed to Kings Canyon first. This is a very long-distance driving journey, which also tests patience. You must exercise patience to the extreme, and your butt sits in the driver’s seat for a long time, and your eyes should be focused on the front. Also, don’t fall asleep.

Along the way, there is no mobile signal. Make sure you have downloaded the offline version of Google Map about this route.

Kings Canyon is a spectacular attraction, but it is also the farthest because it must drive a whole day that at least one night stays near Kings Canyon.

Day 5 – Kings Canyon to Uluru, stay in Yulara

Kings Canyon NT Australia
Kings Canyon south trail NT Australia

Route Navigation from Kings Canyon to Yulara

  • Estimated driving time: 3 hr 52 min
  • Estimated distance: 345 km

Check this route on Google Map>>

Place Passed:

As this route, you will cross these places:

  • Kings Canyon Walk – Witness this vast canyon, don’t doubt it. It’s really huge and definitely worth it!
  • Mount Connor Lookout – This is a huge rock that looks a lot like Uluru. Some people call it fake Uluru directly, and it stands far away and cannot reach it. In addition, there is a ramp behind this lookout. You can see a giant sea salt lake when you walk up, but you can’t approach it.
  • Curtin Springs – This is a halfway relay point and the only fuel station on the midway. It’s expensive, but you can only accept it.
  • Area De Descanso – The rest area found on the road, if you feel tired, you can rest here for a bit of rest.
  • Yulara – This is the only small town near Ayers Rock. Most of the accommodation is located here. There is also a small square with restaurants and an IGA supermarket. What impressed me most was that the toast was placed in the refrigerator. You can choose your favorite accommodation here. If you are considering your budget, we suggest you stay at Ayers Rock Campground.
  • Uluru Entry Path – Before you head to Ayers Rock, you will definitely encounter this outpost. You must buy tickets to enter. We chose AUD 25 / person for a three days pass.
  • Kuniya Car Park – A place that lets you park the car and walk into the Ayers Rock for a small natural lake, a unique attraction.
  • Uluru Sunrise Viewing Area – A viewpoint lets you see the sunrise. Although they recommend you go there in the morning, you can sit here for a great sunset view, what a beautiful light.

Our Experience:

Before you leave Kings Canyon Resort, you have to fill up the fuel; that’s only one fuel station, despite the terrible price of AUD$202/L in our experience.

Tour at Kings Canyon from morning to noon, preparing your water, wearing hiking shoes. There’s no cover here, so apply sunscreen and bring an umbrella. If you want to get the Walk Track about Kings Canyon in advance, Click Here to get the map.

About Rim Walk trails, you only need to pick one of them. If you have enough time, you can try to take the north walk and get a chance to see a small lake. But considering our travel time, we decided to choose the south walk. Both trails can see this vast canyon. Note that there is no protective equipment here, and you should never get too close to the cliff.

After we finished Kings Canyon, it was about 10 am, we headed to Uluru through the authentic way. From Kings Canyon to Uluru is a long moving distance; when you look at Google Maps, you will find that it will take at least half a day to move. Yulara is the only stop town near Uluru and a tourist town. Staying in this place could see Uluru straightly. You will have a mobile signal only after arriving at Yulara.

Ayers Rock Uluru NT Australia
Ayers Rock (Uluru) NT Australia

Where Do We Stay?

To grasp the dusk of the day in Uluru, we arrive at Yulara before 5 pm as much as possible. We will live in Ayers Rock Campground, the only caravan park. Other resorts are expensive. Click Here if you are interested. The benefit of living in Ayers Rock Campground is that they can look directly at Ayers Rock (Uluru) from their viewing platform.

Then, go to Uluru before sunset, but a pass ticket requires at entry.

When you arrive at the vast Ayers Rock, you can’t wait to walk around it but believe me, it takes more than half a day to walk alone. So it is better to drive around it. And you can park your car at Kuniya Car Park, it’s a place that lets you walk into the rock to figure out a small lake inside.

After inside, it’s time to shoot the sunset, go to Uluru Sunrise Viewing Area & enjoy the beautiful light. We had great shots in Uluru at dusk.

Day 6 – Kata-Tjuta & Uluru, stay at Yulara

Kata-Tjuta NT Australia
Kata-Tjuta NT Australia

Route Navigation from Uluru to Kata-Tjuta

  • Estimated driving time: 1 hr 34 min
  • Estimated distance: 121 km

Check this route on Google Map>>

Place Passed:

As this route, you will cross these places:

  • Kata-Tjuta  – There are two attractions worth visiting here: Valley of Winds & Mount Olga. Through the designated trails here, you will enjoy the enormous rock wall surrounding you, which replaces all the heights of the Empire State Building you know.
  • Kata-Tjuta Mount Olga – When you are done with the Valley of Winds, you have to drive to the parking lot here in Mount Olga, get off and walk for a while. This is also fantastic canyon scenery, Oh look at those TINY people far away from you.
  • Uluru Sunset Viewing Area – Another excellent place for you to enjoy the gradation of the sun setting on this Ayers Rock from the other side. Many photographers will capture these beautiful pictures here, and the gradation tone seems to be dancing. When the sun is completely down, the more fantastic galaxy sky is greeted. A completely light-free field of vision, you can choose to stay here and listen to the sounds from the universe.

Our Experience:

Initially, we were worried that we would encounter kangaroos on the way back to Yulara. Fortunately, we were lucky that we had never experienced this way. Then take a good rest.

By the way, we also saw the Field of Light Show near Uluru this evening; this is a beautiful artistic beauty worth your visit! We just happened to catch a shuttle bus to get here. They had to take their bus. We were waiting at the Ayers Rock Campground Entry. If you are interested in this attraction, Click Here to buy tickets.

The critical part of our Australia road trip is the Ayers Rock (Uluru), not only this giant rock. But Kata-Tjuta, on the other side, is also one of the must-see attractions for this trip. These attractions are all in the same national park.

That day, we went to Kata-Tjuta for a hiking trip with high temperatures at that time, until the Valley of the Winds of Kata-Tjuta and then returned.

Note: Make sure you bring enough water by your side, drink at any time, fill it up at their water reload station in the park.

As you can see on Google Maps to be near Uluru, this route, but when I was at Uluru, I just saw Kata-Tjuta, those “big rocks” appearing in my sight. So it’s too far there by an hour driving!

We Are Just Ants in Giant V

And then you have to go to Valley of the Winds by walk, which takes 1 hour, they show the electric temperature sign before entering; then you keep moving. Once over 36 degrees, don’t enter.

We were lucky to arrive there & enjoy the lovely valley, the rock wall very tall surrounding us never seen before, what really amazing!

After Kata-Tjuta, go to Uluru again to catch the sunset at another side.

Typical Sunset at Uluru

Ayers Rock Uluru NT Australia
Sunset of Ayers Rock (Uluru) NT Australia

Central Australia, particularly Uluru (Ayers Rock), Kings Canyon, Kata-Tjuta & Yulara. What marvelous & unforgettable within a vast natural front of you, also we heard that there’s a field of light show that will finish after March 2018. But it might extend, so that’s a part of why we were to central Australia at first.

Whether there’s a field of the light show, go visit Uluru & Kata-Tjuta is most remarkable. You can enjoy hiking, walking on the trails around these huge rocks, and enjoying the sunset & sunrise different views.

Click Here to look for accommodation in Yulara.

Day 7 – Yulara to Alice Springs

Road trip on the way to Alice Springs NT Australia
Road trip on the way to Alice Springs NT Australia

Route Navigation from Yulara to Alice Springs

  • Estimated driving time: 4 hr 41 min
  • Estimated distance: 447 km

Check this route on Google Map>>

Place Passed:

As this route, you will cross these places:

  • Curtin Springs – A fuel station lets you fill up, but I recommend you reload at Yulara.
  • Ghan (Erldunda Roadhouse) – A stopping point that you have visited, now stop there again & don’t forget to fill your fuel up.
  • Alice Springs – I call it an oasis in the desert. The only town with the largest in the center. There are supermarkets to get you more food and water, and there are many attractions worth visiting. However, we considered the time at that time, only stayed here for one night and then continued to move north the next day. Click Here to look for accommodation in Alice Springs.

Our Experience:

After the Uluru trip, we drove back on the same way to Ghan then turned north to Alice Springs.

Let me talk another thing, if you are participating in a tour group, the trip will arrive at Alice Springs. So if you are a short-term traveler with a car rental, I suggest you drop the car at Alice Springs. This is close to the limit for most tourists from Melbourne or Adelaide, basically renting a car can run for nearly 3,000 kilometers. So it should be OK to finish at Alice Springs.

Then, driving with patience until this town in central Australia. Click Here to look for accommodation in Alice Springs.

Week 2 – Alice Springs to Broome

Alice Springs to Darwin to Broome drive route map Australia
Alice Springs to Darwin to Broome drive route map

From the central of Australia to the northern and western, it’s another over 3,000 km drive trip. There’s no other way or things to stop you, all you need to do is move forward, control your steering wheel.

From Alice Springs to Darwin, you couldn’t cover it in one day that’s a too long way! Some places worth stayover for you, details in below section, or you can read another route review article from Adelaide to Darwin.

To get the full details, Click Here for this route review from Adelaide to Darwin.

From Darwin to Broome, stayed through Timber Creek, beyond the Border of WA, and stayed one night in Fitzroy Crossing (Halls Creek is better for you). This route will take at least 3 days, 2 nights driving, and finally reach the beautiful seaside of Broome!

To make you sense, Click Here for this route review from Darwin to Broome.

Day 8 – Alice Springs to Pamayu

Devils Marbles Conservation Reserve NT Australia
Devils Marbles Conservation Reserve NT Australia

Route Navigation from Alice Springs to Pamayu

  • Estimated driving time: 6 hr 46 min
  • Estimated distance: 673 km

Check this route on Google Map>>

Place Passed:

As this route, you will cross these places:

  • Ti Tree – A small town that you take a break, fuel, fill up & have lunch.
  • Wycliffe Well Holiday Park – It’s an incredible place combining alien themes and seeing Aliens’ installation art and flying saucer graffiti. We refilled here and visited their shops by the way. They sold some dolls and masks on the theme of aliens, which seemed like a Halloween idea. However, the store posted some news reports, mentioning that there have been alien landings here and some photos. I don’t quite believe the news; maybe just a gimmick.
  • Devils Marbles Conservation Reserve – There are a lot of weird rocks stacked here. It is full of unique places, and you can take photos after passing by.
  • Tennant Creek – A small town you can take a break from here.
  • Warumungu – This’s a minor point but very important. The road to Cairns is connected here, and the further north you will reach Darwin. If you want to go from Cairns to Darwin, this town is absolutely a must, and of course, you can stay here overnight.
  • Pamayu – Such a small town that we decided to stay here suddenly. Here you can fill fuel, have meals & take a break. After comparing Elliot and Warumungu, Pamayu was our final decision because this camping area is a relatively high rate. Click Here for detail.

Our Experience:

This day, we continued to hurry, but we did not forget to look for beautiful spots; we found a few in the middle. Take a look at our route.

We continued to hurry on this day’s route, but we did not forget to look for beautiful spots; we found a few in the middle. Take a look at our route.

Initially, we want to stay in Warumungu, but suddenly in Pamayu. It’s OK; this can be flexible. A friend told me to DO NOT stay in Elliot’s camping area. It was terrible there. It was full of mosquitoes and toads at night.

Day 9 – Pamayu to Katherine

Daly Waters Historic Club NT Australia
Daly Waters Historic Club NT Australia

Route Navigation from Pamayu to Katherine

  • Estimated driving time: 5 hr 34 min
  • Estimated distance: 539 km

Check this route on Google Map>>

Place Passed:

As this route, you will cross these places:

  • Daly Waters – This is a small village just after Elliot. There is a cool bar. When we went in, we saw a lot of lingerie hanging on the bar. There are also many banknotes, antiques and metal parts collections, traffic warning lights outside the bar! So many exciting things here. Maybe those customers accidentally left their stuff here.
  • Mataranka – This town is also an excellent place to stop for lunch. The Caravan park here is also full of quality, but we didn’t spend the night here. Click Here looking for accommodation.
  • Mataranka Thermal Pool & Rainbow Springs – Just when we thought this was the only place where we didn’t expect to find Rainbow Swim Pool not far away from the map. This is an apparent natural swimming pool with clean water. When the sun shines on this pool surface, it will reflect a rainbow, which is very beautiful! We just need this kind of place to relax the tight body. So jump!
  • Katherine – It is a big town not far from Darwin. If you are going to Western Australia, you must pass here, so you can get more food and water here, as well as several fuel stations. Click Here looking for accommodation.

Our Experience:

After these few days of driving, we have not had good enough sleeping quality. Besides that, we almost slept in the car. So even though I’m easy in a deep sleep, I’m still awakened by mosquitoes sometimes.

Katherine Landmark NT Australia
Welcome to Katherine NT Australia

We finally arrived in this big town, Katherine today, it’s essential for us because only one way is to turn to Western Australia here. In our Australia road trip experience, we continuously headed north to Darwin, broke a few days, and headed west to WA. There are also several best attractions worth visiting, like Katherine Gorge in Nitmiluk National Park.

But on this day, we have to rest first, so we arrange some attractions the next day.

Day 10 – Katherine to Darwin

Katherine Gorge in Nitmiluk National Park NT Australia
Katherine Gorge in Nitmiluk National Park NT Australia

Route Navigation from Katherine to Darwin

  • Estimated driving time: 4 hr 43 min
  • Estimated distance: 431 km

Check this route on Google Map>>

Place Passed:

As this route, you will cross these places:

  • Katherine Gorge – It’s a spectacular checkerboard wall, but my friend said it was more like a stack of bricks. What do you think?
  • Spectacular Jumping Crocodile Cruise – Crocodile feeding show here! Buy a ticket, sit on the tour boat & enjoy the Meat Bites Show!
  • Darwin City – The northernmost city is in Australia, with many resort hotels, shopping malls, and retail stores. We are here for car maintenance, shopping for food, laundry, fueling, and a few drinks. Don’t forget to eat fish & ships that have not been eaten for a long time.

Our Experience:

Before we arrived in Darwin, we visited Katherine Gorge, located in Nitmiluk National Park. What a really spectacular rocky landscape; it must take their guided boat. In addition, you can walk their trails to enjoy different views along this river, as well as waterfalls hidden in the valley.

But if you really want to do it all, it will take several days, so we only do the tour boat tour, and then we see a rock wall that looks like a chessboard. Since there are no trails to get here, tickets must be bought at the visitor center. Click Here for more detail.

My partner took this picture; he just walked along the trail to shoot, not join me on a boat tour.

There are several national parks near Katherine; Kakadu is another typical but too large area, so we arrange it for another day. Today, we just enjoyed Katherine Gorge, then heading to Darwin.

Saw Crocodile? Feed it Now!

We will arrive in Darwin soon; add another tour before entering the city –  Crocodile Feeding Show!

I found that there’s full of swamp-like terrain on both sides of the road and the feeling of water flooding at any time. Plus, I thought about crocodiles. Would those crocodiles really come out of the woods? But, of course, we didn’t encounter this kind of accident at all, and don’t let it happen!

Closer to home, we went to an attraction called Spectacular Jumping Crocodile Cruise; we had to buy tickets, then board their sightseeing boat. The staff held fishing rods and a few pieces of raw meat. Soon after the ship was sailing on the river, several crocodiles swam over.

The crocodile rushed out of the water to bite the piece of raw meat, just like a guy hungry for several days. It was fascinating to watch the crocodile burst out of the water. This itinerary is dangerous, so you must consider it for short-distance tourists and stay with you if you have children.

Click Here for more detail about this cruise tour.

Port of Darwin NT Australia
Port of Darwin

Finally, we arrived in Darwin! 1/3 trip has finished! Now it’s time for car maintenance & takes a break because it has reached 5,000 km away.

Well, I think there is no more “splash” attraction worth in Darwin Centre. Rather than a trip to Kakadu National Park & Litchfield National Park, as long as you are willing to drive there for several days.

Click Here to look for accommodation in Darwin.

Day 11 – Stay in Darwin

Car service in Darwin NT Australia
Car services in Darwin City

We stayed in Darwin for 2 days 2 nights. The last day was moving from Katherine, 1 day for car service. The next day moving to Katherine, then turned to Western Australia.

This is our wagon; pick us to expand more lovely & amazing things for Australia road trips. First, of course, I need mechanic service after a 10 days route of about 5000km. My friend has made an appointment for assistance before entering the city. She was brilliant, arranged many things, and just let me drive for most routes, and I appreciated my partner!

Don’t Forget To Cook at Home

Have some food at Airbnb accommodation
Great meal made by my partner!

This is our breakfast cooked by my partner, excellent made, simple ingredients like egg, ham, mushroom, vegetables, and a cup of tea, that’s enough, so yummy!

Don’t Forget To Wash Your Clothes!

Forgot to say, you have to find the self-service laundry in Darwin Centre cause piles of dirt-clothes already 10 days, need a wash!

Click Here for laundry in Darwin>>

And don’t forget to load enough food before you leave Darwin!

Extra Tour – Kakadu & Litchfield (Optional)

Litchfield National Park NT Australia
Litchfield National Park NT Australia

As in the previous paragraph, you have two best itineraries during your stay in Darwin: Kakadu & Litchfield National Park.

Kakadu & Litchfield, I mentioned before, such as the best choices for adding to your driving trip plan as extra, as long as your car service has been done. Even we didn’t go there, responds from my friends who have ever been to these places. And said it was worth enjoying the cooling river, seeing the Waterfall, and forest fulling natural for you.

Next time I will share more details about these two National Parks tours in this blog.

Even if you wanna take a driving tour around Darwin. I believe you will have a good time at Litchfield & Kakadu National Parks before leaving.

Is all your car service & everything done? Now, it’s time to Western Australia!

Day 12 – Darwin to Timber Creek

Road trip on the way to Broome from Darwin WA Australia
On the way to Broome

Route Navigation from Darwin to Timber Creek

  • Estimated driving time: 6 hr 9 min
  • Estimated distance: 607 km

Check this route on Google Map>>

Place Passed:

As this route, you will cross these places:

  • Katherine – Same place we belong but just stay for lunch rest, then turn to Timber Creek. Only this place can be your rest point for fuel, food loading & others. Remember to always keep your car full of petrol.
  • Timber Creek – Why choose this place for a night? By your estimate driving time is totally 6 hours and there’s nothing better than town instead so it’s the best choice for you. You can stay at Wirib Store & Tourism Park within fulling facilities like BBQ, swim pool, motel room, or parking site. Warning: Beware crocodiles & aboriginal, don’t let your kids along near the forest. 

Our Experience:

With car service by changing oils, some parts & other accessories, our car is now ready for WA!

On Day 12, it’s time to move; we left Darwin in the morning, had lunch at Katherine, and loaded some food at Woolworths supermarket. Before we go, Katherine, attractive in Katherine Hot Springs, just wants to have a look, not soak. Unfortunately, it was under construction while we arrived, so we leave, kept moving.

Where Do We Stay?

We were on the Victoria Highway to WA; it’s the only way heading to Western. Almost arrived at Timber Creek with the whole day driving. It’s lovely they provide a motel room with 2 single beds, BBQ, clean public shower room at Wirib Store & Tourism Park. Just pay $35 per person for one night. But beware, crocodiles probably appear because they park near the river. So we didn’t swim at the pool, keep it till Broome.

Day 13 – Timber Creek to Halls Creek

Check point of Border of WA Australia
Checkpoint of Border of WA Australia

Route Navigation from Timber Creek to Halls Creek

  • Estimated driving time: 10 hr 36 min (Time Zone will be changed after across the border)
  • Estimated distance: 796 km

Check this route on Google Map>>

Place Passed:

As this route, you will cross these places:

  • DAFWA Kununurra Checkpoint Charlie – This’s a MUST through before you enter WA, don’t bring any fruits & other dangerous items.
  • Kununurra – This’s a perfect place for backpackers. You can see some farms along the river water resource coming from Lake Argyle. Several motels & resorts that you don’t worry about where to sleep.
  • Warmun – This’s a small town where you can take a break and have lunch. The best place is Warmun Roadhouse, where you get food & fuel.
  • Purnululu (Optional) – Really wild place you can visit the most famous attraction Echidna Chasm & The Bungle Bungles. Just turn left at Old River. Once you decide to visit these points, you need one more day staying in Purnululu.
  • Halls Creek – Good enough place you can stay night 3 caravan parks & motels you can choose. Health Service, IGA supermarket, car service, etc. such as a medium town with many people living here.
  • Fitzroy Crossing (Optional) – We stayed here cause the Time Zone changed, 2 more hrs that we’ve been there just about 17:00. Tanunda Caravan Park is our rest point that we had bbq and saw some backpackers living in their motel rooms. Or you can try Fitzroy Worker’s Camp, a self-catering area.

Our Experience:

Before you can enter Western Australia, you must make sure that you shouldn’t carry any fruits and vegetables. These kinds of veggies were banned by the Border Checkpoint found in our car. They required we must take them off. They will throw them away; fortunately, no fine on us, sorry about that.

They just want to make sure that diseases without fruits and vegetables affect the agricultural environment in Western Australia.

After the fruits were taken, we passed the Checkpoint.

Western Australia, it’s now full of wilderness for Australia road trips. However, there are still some attractions worth visiting like Purnululu National Park & others. You can read this article which talks about this attraction & guide. >>Read More.

Time Zone will be change

After across the border and you got 2 more hrs for driving extended sunset.

For most attractions in Western Australia, you can try to camp in the wild. However, as long as you have enough food, water, and fuel, make sure your car already does mechanical maintenance. In the above link, you will read three wild tourist attractions near Purnululu. Or, you can head to Halls Creek if you consider the budget and time. It’s a small town with a caravan park & motel where you can stay at night.

Where Do We Stay?

We choose to keep moving forward, heading to Fitzroy Crossing for a stay, so today, we have a full day driving within 10 hours. We stayed at Tanunda Caravan Park, which has accessible facilities like a public shower room & toilet, self outdoor kitchen. Still, the toaster was broken, using ours instead, and we had BBQ meat which I bought from IGA, just a tiny pack.

Also, we met some Chinese friends working in this town, staff in IGA with good money, and living in this park’s motel rooms. And there’s an adorable kitty around us. So we had a good time at night.

Day 14 – Halls Creek to Broome

Gantheaume Point in Broome WA Australia
Gantheaume Point in Broome WA Australia

Route Navigation from Halls Creek to Broome

  • Estimated driving time: 7 hr 0 min
  • Estimated distance: 686 km

Check this route on Google Map>>

Place Passed:

As this route, you will cross these places:

  • Fitzroy Crossing – We were here for one night at Tanunda Caravan Park. If you come from Halls Creek, stay here and take a break, loading food at IGA.
  • Willare (Optional) – There’s a Willare Bridge Roadhouse & Caravan Park you can take a rest, load food & fuel, just an option.
  • Broome/Kimberley – This’s a big town. After 3 days of moving, you can stay here, take a break, enjoy water chilling at the resort. We went to Kimberley Klub YHA. Unfortunately, it’s now permanently closed. Got Cable Beach Club Resort & Spa instead of a 5-stars hotel, or you can choose other better hotels in Broome.
  • Horizontal Waterfall (Optional) – This is an isolated place where there’s nothing to do. On a special tour, they pick you by light aircraft & yacht, of course, you can buy their photos taken by a drone. It’s beautiful, but it’s an expensive tour, AUD 800 each person just my partner went, and I stayed in Broome. Click here to see this attraction. Click here for tour information.

Our Experience:

Before we arrive at Broome, there are several towns near us, Fitzroy Crossing (We already passed), Derby, Willare.

Derby is a medium town close to the seaside, but it’s not in our route plan in a different way. So instead, a T-shaped intersection, we turn left, heading to Will are & reaching Broome.

I asked my partner if you booked the tour for Horizontal Waterfall? “Yes, I can’t wait for it!” She said. She called me to hurry to Broome cause I already booked a half-day tour for it; we were moving & hit the top speed forward. Finally, we arrived in Broome just 4 hours before lunchtime.

Broome is a fantastic town producing pearls; that’s amazing! We visited some jewelry stores that sell most pearl rings, pearl necklaces, and earrings, etc. And we saw many backpackers here for a working holiday.

They work at local restaurants, bars & hostels, even some people who are construction workers. This’s a place that lets people chill, relax, and enjoy the vacation at the beach & resort.

Exploring Epic Falls in Australia Road Trip

We stayed in Broome for one day, you can book a tour for seeing Horizontal Waterfall for half-day if you like. A fantastic time & attraction that you have never seen before, only in Broome, worth be. But I didn’t follow my partner in my limited budget; she’s rich, lol.

Horizontal Waterfalls WA Australia
Booking Tour for Horizontal Waterfalls WA Australia

Horizontal Waterfall is a complete natural attraction without any development, so many islands around there. No route can be reached when you try to navigate. So if you want to see this attraction, booking a tour is the best choice.

This pic is one angle view taken from the yacht while passing the Horizontal Waterfall. If you type and search on Google Map, just show the result “Horizontal Waterfall tour booking” in Broome, but the reallocation is here.

I went to see the dinosaur footprints close to the coast during her waterfall tour in the afternoon. It’s not easy to move here because of the rugged rocky terrain, careful with your legs.

Spotlight in Broome Night

Another particular highlight in Broome is “Moon Staircase.” Its moonlight reflects on the ocean and looks like a staircase on the sea, but just happens with a full moon rising between March and early November. You have to stay near Roebuck Bay in clear weather with flat tide time. If you are interested in it, Click Here for tide info. We weren’t lucky for the best date for full-moonlight rising (even flat tides on that day), so we gave it up. Click Here for a full moon rising time in Broome.

What a whole day is staying in Kimberley Broome; we had a good time. After chilling but fun-fill in Broome, it’s time to keep moving forward.

Week 3 – Broome to Perth

Broome to Perth road trip drive route map Australia
Broome to Perth road trip drive route map

This Broome Perth drive route is typical for most people because you can visit lots of beautiful attractions. Almost long driving until arriving at Perth makes you tired but really enjoys all-natural.

About Broome to Perth, to get the full route review, Click Here for this route overview.

Day 15 – Broome to Karratha

Port Hedland WA Australia
Port Hedland WA Australia

Route Navigation from Broome to Karratha

  • Estimated driving time: 8 hr 48 min
  • Estimated distance: 846 km

Check this route on Google Map>>

Place Passed:

As this route, you will cross these places:

  • Port Hedland – Great big town along the seaside after Broome, you can take a break, have lunch, load food, have toilet & filling fuel.
  • Roebourne (Optional) – This’s a small town that lets you retake rest, an optional stopping point considering if you couldn’t drive more hrs. There’s Harding River Caravan Park that lets you stay at night.
  • Karratha – Why choose here as our stay night point? It’s a medium town, a shopping mall & many restaurants, fuel stations here, and we decided Karratha Backpackers for one night at the lowest price.

Our Experience:

After chilling in Broome, it’s time to go. We filled fuel at Roebuck Plains Roadhouse, it’s a place just at a T-shaped intersection, and it turns south to Port Hedland. You have to keep moving cause there’s no other fuel station before Port Hedland, don’t stop. Even if you are through 8 Miles Beach, up to you, you are now on the way to flat vast sight ground sometimes, you will see stagnant water coming in from the roadside, nothing else here so just keep moving.

Filling your fuel once you arrive at Port Hedland, leaving lunch here, taking a short break, do not stay too much longer cause we need to move.

Why Karijini Doesn’t in This Australia Road Trip Plan? It’s So Beautiful Why Don’t You Go?

“Hey bro, why don’t you go to Karijini? It’s a better place you should be!” One of my friends called me, but we are on a limited budget for the trip. So if we head to Karijini, we need 2-3 days including driving & accommodation for it, even though that Waterfall looks so lovely! Many friends strongly recommend Karijini for me, now recommend to you, you can arrange this part route, the route will be like this.

18 hrs for this route, much more than my 9 hrs route to Carnarvon, so that’s why I chose the way through Karratha to replace Karijini. 2-3 days need you to consider if you have enough trip budget.

After Port Hedland, we arrived at Karratha. It’s a really long way of driving, testing your body energy & focusing.

Day 16 – Karratha to Billabong WA

Carnarvon Space and Technology Museum WA Australia
Carnarvon Space and Technology Museum WA Australia

Route Navigation from Karratha to Billabong WA

  • Estimated driving time: 9 hr 11 min
  • Estimated distance: 886 km

Check this route on Google Map>>

Place Passed:

As this route, you will cross these places:

  • Minilya – A rest point lets you take a break, have lunch, and fill fuel after driving for at least 4-5 hours.
  • Carnarvon – A medium town that is great for backpackers because several orchards around, close to the seaside 
  • Gladstone scenic lookout – A special place located on the hill, many stuff piles here which people left as a memorized sign checked-in, attractive, but a bit strong wind so be careful standing.
  • Billabong WA – It’s a roadside rest point, convenient for caravan vans shortly to stay, a roadhouse, and a caravan park here. We stayed at Billabong Roadhouse.

Our Experience:

Stay one night in Karratha and then drive through Carnarvon, heading south. As you follow this route that I suggested yesterday, it will miss Karijini National Park’s more natural attractions. However, if you have enough budget, you can turn to Karijini.

This day trip is another long drive without attractions. Take a break, have lunch at Minilya and keep moving till to Carnarvon. And we saw a radar (OTC Tracking Station) & rocket at’s NASA Space and Technology Museum at the roadside. That’s interesting; I guess this town is a space technology research base for NASA. Still, there’s no space shuttle launch pad, in my impression. We just take photos, not go in, and keep moving. Click Here for the official website if you are interested.

Carnarvon is not in our point of stay at night, just moving, and saw a special Gladstone scenic lookout at the highway roadside. It’s on a hill; piles of personal stuff here seem like a memorial sign that many people have.

Where Do We Stay?

Besides this stuff, we were in the afternoon sunset, with a bit strong windy keep moving, stayed one night in Billabong Roadhouse. It’s just at the roadside for stay & we filled fuel after almost 9 hrs driving.

Why choose Billabong as our point of stay night? As the route map mentioned, we just try moving to Perth quickly on a limited budget, indeed ignoring some beautiful places near Shark Bay. That’s close to most west point of Australia mainland. What another 4WD adventure worth touching.

Extra Places List You May Try:

Here’s an extra place list that we miss but you can arrange; even you are not the 4WD vehicle, consider adding it to your Australia road trip plan:

  • Exmouth – A stunning beach & you can dive with whales. You have to turn to Minilya-Exmouth Rd. before Minilya.
  • Coral Bay – Another beautiful bay you can stay chill before arriving at Exmouth; it’s a small town close to the seaside on the roadside of Minilya-Exmouth Rd.
  • Denham – Stunning beach and sunshine worth enjoying, just turn to Shark Bay Rd. at Hamelin Pool then drive about one hour.
  • Monkey Mia – Another beautiful beach you can see many dolphins come to you, really fun-fill worth to be.

Top Popular Attractions List You Should be. >>Read More

Day 17 – Billabong WA to Geraldton

Nature's Window WA Australia
Nature’s Window (Kalbarri National Park) – Most popular natural attraction in WA.

Route Navigation from Billabong WA to Geraldton

  • Estimated driving time: 5 hr 26 min
  • Estimated distance: 446 km

Check this route on Google Map>>

Place Passed:

As this route, you will cross these places:

  • Nature’s Window (Kalbarri National Park) – A really stunning attraction that you cannot miss! A natural-shaped place located in the center of the river canyon. You have to buy a ticket to enter Kalbarri National Park, park your car, then have a walk there. And there are several attractions close to the seaside around Kalbarri, you need a drive for them.
  • Principality of Hutt River (Nain, Optional) – This’s an extraordinary & historical place we are interested in. Looks like a village but a self-declared principality. We were lucky to see the King. Leonard but passed in 2019 and dissolved on 3 August 2020. So it’s now being a place named “Nain” search on Google Maps.
  • Hutt Lagoon – A sizeable pink lake near us, stay and have a look.
  • Geraldton – This’s a medium town where you can stay at night, load food, and fill fuel.

Our Experience:

Keep moving from Billabong through Kalbarri; it’s a pretty splash experience in the Western. We’ve been to Nature’s Window in Kalbarri National Park, Principality of Hutt River (Nain), Hutt Lagoon pink lake, stay a night in Geraldton.

For this beautiful attraction in this photo, that’s why we move quickly from the northwest. This point is just in the middle riverside canyon in the Kalbarri National Park, naturally shaped looks like a window. You must pay the entry ticket AUD 6, park your car, and to this point by walk trails.

Don’t forget to bring your water & face tent, still many flies around you! When you walk around feels like at King Canyon, a bit blurry but windy. Many tourist groups came here so be careful, and finally, you can see that stunning window. “It looks like many cookie piles,” My partner said, “Similar, but it let me imagine chocolate pie piles.”

There’s another best point Kalbarri Skywalk in another way you can try, but we didn’t go for, need moving. Similar to King Canyon, go for it if you are interested.

After we left Kalbarri National Park, we visited some points. A town called Kalbarri nearby, close to the coast, looks so beautiful.

Best Coast Attractions near Kalbarri:

Here’s a list along the coast which natural-shaped rock plates piles with blue ocean, add to your Australia road trip plan:

Just choose one or two for a visit, don’t need to call; hold your time.

Nain (Principality of Hutt River) – A Past Country Surprising Us

After these points are shortly visited, we turn to the interior unsealed road heading to Principality of Hutt River, located at Nain if you search on Google Maps. My partner didn’t understand why I drove here. She feels a bit bored, just looks like a village with some houses, buildings and a vast farm.

However, she became interested after reading some knowledge of the establishment of the country at their center. They have an “official teller” for entry and exit and stamped on my passport. What a really formal entry this country, respected.

Best wishes to King. Prince Leonard! (We met him in 2018 while he was 92 years old)

It’s Now Just “Nain”

2020 Updated: This country was dissolved on 3 August 2020 by the King. Leonard passed away in Feb. 2019. So now this place has left the “Nain” search on Google Map. So this place just seems like a village that you can choose to add or not, optional.

We took some photos at Hutt Lagoon, a really pink lake, the biggest pink lake in Australia we saw, after that, we kept moving.

Staying at Geraldton, it’s a big town to have dinner, filling fuel, and shopping. Coles, Woolworths there that you can get much more food no need worry hungry.

Where Do We Stay?

We stayed at Geraldton Belair Gardens Caravan Park; there are several caravan parks around this town, all you can consider.

Day 18 – Geraldton to Perth

The Pinnacles Desert WA Australia
The Pinnacles Desert WA Australia

Route Navigation from Geraldton to Perth

  • Estimated driving time: 5 hr 18 min
  • Estimated distance: 448 km

Check this route on Google Map>>

Place Passed:

As this route, you will cross these places:

  • Port Denison (Optional) – A port place where you can take a break, enjoy the excellent seafood.
  • Leeman (Optional) – This’s a town where many caravans stay here for much fresh seafood.
  • Jurien Bay – A beautiful beach that chills you, and you can stay here for lunch, enjoy your fish & chips takeaway.
  • Cervantes (Optional) – Another rest point you can take a break.
  • The Pinnacles Desert (Nambung National Park) – Awesome natural attractions that you can see many natural stone pillars. You need to drive in, park, and then get off and walk to touch these rocks.
  • Sandboarding (Lancelin) – Another full-sand attraction that you can take sandboard surfing, rent a board & enjoy the whole white sand place! But be aware of your car parking. Don’t let it stick in the sand. (Our experience, lol)
  • Perth City – This is an epic milestone and means that we have completed 2/3 of our Australia road trip. Your route will be a city highway before entering the city, but I suggest avoiding tolls while setting your navigation. Perth is the largest city in Western Australia, you can buy & take most you need, of course, don’t forget to make appointment car service cause the second 5,000km has reached.

Our Experience:

From this day, there is no need for a long driving route; you can enjoy the fresh seafood in the town upon the place list. We went to Jurien Bay jetty that’s a stunning beach, and enjoy the seafood takeaway. We have several days without taking away, so today, we have some lobsters, fish & chips, and some beers at Lobster Shack-Cervantes, WA.

Beware Your SLR

With everything fresh in our belly, now is the time to visit some good places. We went to Nambung National Park to see many pillar rocks (another style Stonehenge looks). So get car parking, buy tickets, and enjoy photography.

One day, my friend was in WA and on a trip here with her roommates; she tried to take some photos with her SLR camera. Unfortunately, strong sand windy broke her leg, she felt disappointed that trip. So I just here for some pictures and sent them to her as filling up regrets. But night galaxy sky photography excepted lol.

Filling in Whitesands!

Next, we went to Lancelin Sand Dunes, enjoy the fun of sand surfing. By renting a sandboard for AUD 20 per one, you can enjoy whole white sanding. Also, you can rent dirt bikes & ATV, but we didn’t. When we try to leave the car parking area, it’s a bit scary that the car was stuck in the sand, just a little bit but success driven leave, it’s OK so don’t let your car park too sandy area.

As staying in the city, what’s the best accommodation for low budget travelers & backpackers?

Finally, we almost arrived at Perth close evening about 17:00, it’s really a long time not seeing big city & tall buildings. Our driving route was becoming a city highway through the suburbs & center. But remember, you have to avoid tolls in navigation before entering Perth.

In our experience of Australia road trips, we are not high budget, so we just made most overnight bookings like caravan parks. Seldom motels & backpackers (cheapest), no hotel, only one night in resort (Broome).

Get Your Luxury Share Home Property

In the city, it seems like only backpackers & hotels will have only two options for stay. However, considering the limited budget doesn’t spend too much in the city, we book share rooms through Airbnb. We were lucky to get a luxury house living with one guy and his doggy.

His house made us feel like a millionaire, modern indoor decoration, high-quality texture shower room & comfortable bedrooms. We own a separate single room. He got a backyard garden with luxury decoration and statues like in Europe, what an epic accommodation! Important is, only AUD 40 per person each night!!!

We stayed in his house for 3 nights, really great value for money!

Click Here for Perth AirB&B>>

Day 19 – Stay in Perth, Fremantle, or ferry to Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island WA Australia
Rottnest Island

Perth is a major city in Western Australia; we stayed for 3 nights.

Today we did a car service, and then took a city tour by public transport around the city center & Fremantle.

Another best choice is tripping on Rottnest Island.

Rottnest Island is an independent island located on the left coast of Perth. It’s really worth a visit, a chilling walk, enjoying the bike riding around the island, and just taking a ferry at Fremantle. Click Here to check the ferry time.

You can enjoy the most comfortable sea breeze and the blue waters; you can also see many adorable quokkas around you. Just find them near some trees, but DO NOT touch, hug or feed that wildlife by WA Government Animale Protect Rules.

It’s worth staying here for a day, but we still choose to go back and forth that day, so we will take a boat back to Perth in the evening. In short, the island is worth a one-day trip.

Day 20 – City tour in Perth City

Blue house Perth City WA Australia
Blue Boat House at the side of the river in Perth City, WA.

Although I’m not interested in a city tour, there are attractions worth visiting around Perth near the Swan River. Fremantle Markets, The Roundhouse, Rainbow Sea Container, Blue Boat House, Kings Park & Botanic Garden, Bell Tower & Elizabeth Quay are worth visiting.

Today we met some friends who live in Perth for a working holiday, talking & walking in the city center. So having a Korean BBQ dinner was a perfect time for us!

Day 21 – Car Service, Food Loading & Accessories Filling

Our B&B accommodation book on the AirBnB WA Australia
Our B&B accommodation book on the AirBnB WA Australia

That day, we kept staying in Perth, got our car back, then bought some food, a bottle of water, filling the fuel. All Preparation for the next part of Australia road trip after Perth City.

Click Here to find Woolworths supermarket>>

Click Here to find Coles supermarket>>

Week 4 – Perth to Melbourne

This’s the final week for your road trip, the route distance is more than 3,500 km to bring you back to Melbourne. In this week’s trip series, I divided it into two parts, the first is Perth to Adelaide, and the second is Adelaide to Melbourne.

Perth to Melbourne drive route map Australia
Perth to Melbourne drive route map

Now, it’s time to move on; we left Perth and headed to more unknown places we knew, only in our car, face to face, listening to music, and keep moving.

About Perth to Adelaide, to get the full detail, Click Here for this route overview.

About Adelaide to Melbourne, to get the full detail, Click Here for this route overview.

Day 22 – Perth to Albany through Busselton

Busselton Jetty WA Australia
Busselton Jetty WA Australia

Route Navigation from Perth to Albany

  • Estimated driving time: 7 hr 30 min
  • Estimated distance: 650 km

Check this route on Google Map>>

Place Passed:

As this route, you will cross these places:

  • Gnomesville – Our first attraction after Perth, where a special place piles many tiny dolls & toys here, made me think about the Blue Elf cartoon.
  • Busselton Jetty – The longest jetty in Australia, you need to reach the end by taking their tour train or walking. We just take a break, have lunch then leave.
  • Nannup (Optional) – A small town for taking a break, several attractions can be added to your route plan.
  • Gloucester Tree (Optional) – This’s interesting because I like rock climbing. When I see several giant trees with steel ladders & woody houses on, I feel excited, but my partner didn’t interest in it; we just drove through and didn’t go in. You can add this to your plan if you like.
  • Walpole (Optional) – This is our stay night because it’s already night time we were here. We stayed at Tingle All Over Budget Accommodation. There’s a giant tree scene near the backpackers if you’re interested.
  • Albany – It’s our next destination this day, but it’s too late to drive for us. If you ignore attractions from Perth and heading to Albany, it should be fine.

Our Experience:

This part is a bit complex because of so many attractions around southwest Australia, but we just across some places that are unique & remarkable after checking the map.

We went to Gnomesville. This’s a small Lilliputian with so many various dolls & toys put here; it looks like a Blue Elf cartoon, I think. My partner told me she feels scared when she looks at those dolls, but I don’t feel anything. There are still some families that come here and take photos; kids enjoy this special place.

Then, we went to Busselton to see the longest jetty. It’s epic, you must take their train to the end, but we didn’t finish the whole jetty, keep moving forward to the way to Albany. While driving through many forests, the time was close to evening, and it was against our road trip principle (No Drive At Night Time)

We didn’t hit those places, neither natural caves nor lighthouses near the west end, those we already visited before.

In fact, we originally intended to say that we should look at the southwestern attractions. But found that if you stay in Busselton for one more night, you will have to drive to Wave Rock for a really long time.

Where Do We Stay?

We just stayed at Walpole just before Albany because it was late for us. Tingle All Over Budget Accommodation is the best & cheapest backpacker for most travelers.

Day 23 – Albany to Wave Rock

Nature's Bridge near The Gap WA Australia
Nature’s Bridge near The Gap WA Australia

Route Navigation from Albany to Wave Rock

  • Estimated driving time: 4 hr 17 min
  • Estimated distance: 382 km

Check this route on Google Map>>

Place Passed:

As this route, you will cross these places:

  • The Gap – The nice place there’s a platform you are standing on, and you can see the giant wave under you, excited!
  • Natural Bridge – This place is naturally shaped near The Gap just by walk, but cannot climb on that bridge; just look.
  • Pingrup – A small town lets you take a break, have lunch, filling fuel and keep moving.
  • Lake Grace (Optional) – Another place you can take a break.
  • Wave Rock – It’s a stunning place, natural wave-shaped, everybody tries to set pose or climb (Never climb), worth staying here for one night. Many caravan parking companies choose here for stay.

Our Experience:

Today we went back to the whole natural place; we went to The Gap & Natural Bridge in Torndirrup National Park near Albany.

There are many attractions worth visiting, like beautiful beaches around Albany. All-natural shaped for Nature’s Bridge and The Gap, seeing the sea wave, both of which are spectacular rock formations.

After Torndirrup National Park, we headed north straight to the most classic landscape attraction, Wave Rock.

Suppose you want to drive to Wave Rock. In that case, it’s a bit far away but worth it, just through some small towns & touch wild, need to take a long time driving via inland highway in patience. Definitely, this attraction makes you feel amazing when you see this most natural engraving made by God.

Wave Rock WA Australia
Wave Rock- Typical attraction must-see in outback WA. Now, set your pose, start surfing on this wave!

Where Do We Stay?

We stayed at Wave Rock Motel for a night; the following day, we saw a shoe tree and kept moving.

Day 24 – Wave Rock to Esperance through Ravensthorpe

Road trip on the way to Ravensthorpe WA Australia
Road trip on the way to Ravensthorpe WA Australia

Route Navigation from Wave Rock to Esperance

  • Estimated driving time: 3 hr 53 min
  • Estimated distance: 382 km

Check this route on Google Map>>

Place Passed:

As this route, you will cross these places:

  • Lake King (Optional) – A small town that lets you take a break.
  • Ravensthorpe – A place that lets you take a break & have lunch, filling fuel, and keep moving.
  • Esperance – This Is our destination for one more day because we want to visit some fantastic attractions. But before that, we stayed at Esperance Bay Holiday Park, an excellent caravan motel.

Our Experience:

This route is a short distance driving from Wave Rock to Esperance; we keep moving, nothing special on the way, took a break, and having lunch at Ravensthorpe. But the weather was not good, we saw some flashlight in the sky far away from flat ground, feel cooling but better than burning these days. So keep moving to our destination Esperance.

Where Do We Stay?

We will stay here for 2 nights. The best caravan motel is Esperance Bay Holiday Park, in our experience.

Day 25 – Tour in Esperance

Lucky Bay WA Australia
Lucky Bay- Most popular beach worth being in WA.

Route Navigation around Esperance

  • Estimated driving time: 2 hr 7 min
  • Estimated distance: 153 km

Check this route on Google Map>>

Place Passed:

As this route, you will cross these places:

  • Esperance Stonehenge – Like UK Stonehenge, this is artificial, a farm place we visited before Lucky Bay.
  • Lucky Bay – This’s the central axis of our journey today. So aqua, light blue ocean, and total white sand beach like heaven you have never seen before, really stunning. We stayed here for 2-3 hours and had bbq lunch.
  • Twilight Cove – A naturally shaped rock close to the beach with a blue ocean.
  • Blue Heaven – Another seaside near Twight Cove, great view.
  • Rotary Lookout – A platform you can see the whole coast and chilling.
  • Pink Lake – It’s our final attraction for a day trip, unfortunately not pink color & entire lake. We just take photos for the mirror effect.

Our Experience:

Why did we make the decision to stay in Esperance for the whole day? Because of this beach, Lucky Bay!

We were on the way to Lucky Bay, through Esperance Stonehenge. Unfortunately, it was closed, so keep moving till to see this full aqua beach.

When we saw this beach, I felt extremely excited, got out of the car in the parking lot, changed swimwear, and ran to this HEAVEN!! WOOHOO~~~

Really really cool water under sunshine, full white sandy more than the Lancelin Sand Dunes. We took so many photos, enjoyed the cooling aqua, really chill us. Also, we saw two kangaroos appear at the beach. That’s really funny; they just walk through without any negative for us. We stayed here for several hours, having BBQ lunch, enjoying some wine, good wine with whole aqua white attractions, bravo!!

Touch More Aqua

After Lucky Bay, we went to several attractions in the afternoon, driving & visiting those whole blue places.

These attractions like Twilight Cove, Blue Heaven, Rotary Lookout, etc., along the coast. Finally, we took photos at Esperance Pink Lake in the sunset evening, just some poses with a mirror of salt lake. Then we stayed in Esperance and finished this beautiful day.

Day 26 – Esperance to Norseman

The Super Pit WA Australia
The Super Pit WA Australia

Route Navigation from Esperance to Norseman

  • Estimated driving time: 6 hr 23 min
  • Estimated distance: 588 km

Check this route on Google Map>>

Place Passed:

As this route, you will cross these places:

  • Super Pit – It’s a whole giant mining site in Kalgoorlie that we never see before; it’s our first look at a mining site. If you wanna visit there, don’t try to pass the main thru (Access denied from their door guard); just turn to KCGM Super Pit Lookout and enjoy the mining site view.
  • Kambalda (Optional) – There’s a vast salt lake Lake Lefroy near this town, also another mining site nearby. Still, you cannot enter, just go to Red Hill Lookout and have a look if you are interested.
  • Norseman – This town is the first touch in this day trip, but we just drive through in the morning and back here for a night. We stayed at Bottlemart Express – Norseman Hotel.

Our Experience:

Time to leave Esperance, head north again to Kalgoorlie. We have a special tour for a mining site visiting, just through Norseman, and keep moving. First, we went to Super Pit to view a vast mining site. It’s a fantastic site for mining, we saw several mining trucks with massive size tires, but it seems tiny in our sight; imagine how big that mining site is.

Then, we went to Kalgoorlie to see some gold & jewelry at local stores; photo takes are not allowed. It was an eye-opening sight for us. Time passed quickly, and we went back to Norseman to stay.

Day 27 – Norseman to Eucla

Most Straight Highway WA Australia
Most Straight Highway WA Australia

Route Navigation from Norseman to Eucla

  • Estimated driving time: 7 hr 21 min
  • Estimated distance: 711 km

Check this route on Google Map>>

Place Passed:

As this route, you will cross these places:

  • Balladonia – It’s the only rest point for most drivers, filling fuel, taking a break, and having lunch. After that, prepare to head to STRAIGHT.
  • West End of “90 Mile Straight” – This’s a point like Most Straight Highway in Australia. You can take a photo with this billboard, then get started focusing! (Remind: Always keep awake for your driving cause it’s all straight!)
  • Caiguna (Start 90 Mile Straight from East) – 90 miles straight end for us after about one more hour of driving, slow down and stop near the billboard. Tretake photos and be careful of those road trains if you want to stand on the highway’s center.
  • Cocklebiddy (Optional) – This’s a place that lets you take a break.
  • Madura (Optional) – Another point that lets you take a break.
  • Mundrabilla (Optional) – Another point is to let you take a break. But if you want to stay the night earlier, consider this point to your Australia road trip plan.
  • Eucla – It’s our final destination on this day; it was turned to evening sky when we arrived. Also, we weren’t seeing any vehicles frequently on this highway; most drivers called it “Alone Highway.”  We stayed at Eucla Motel.

Our Experience:

This day, we called it “Alone Day” because we had really the longest and nothing car near us on the highway, only a road train truck on the way at high speed passing you. So I strongly suggested this route to keep full fuel along each point cause a far distance just like SA to NT.

Definitely, the highlight in this route is “90 Mile Straight”, it’s the most straight highway in the world, also the only way back to Melbourne for a complete Australia road trip. We took some photos on the billboard before, then full focusing in one half-hour. After this straightway, take a break and have lunch at Caiguna.

And why do we choose Eucla as our destination? Simply, moving more distance will be close to the trip end.

I just remind you to ensure you are in total energy, focus. Without any too loud music & phone looking, you need to pay full attention to the way. Kangaroos appear someplace you never know, so just focus.

Where Do We Stay?

Finally, we arrived at Eucla Motel in the evening at 18:30; let’s have some best dinner at the motel restaurant! Enjoy the fish & chips and beers!

Day 28 – Eucla to Streaky Bay

Penong Windmill Museum SA Australia
Penong Windmill Museum SA Australia

Route Navigation from Eucla to Streaky Bay

  • Estimated driving time: 6 hr 19 min
  • Estimated distance: 601 km

Check this route on Google Map>>

Place Passed:

As this route, you will cross these places:

  • SA/WA Border Crossing – This’s a border checkpoint for anyone who enters the WA from SA; we just leave WA without check.
  • Great Australian Bight (Border Village SA) – It’s a lookout that lets you see how great the coast of Australian Bight. Really stunning but scary height (They set short, tall fences you still can have a look). Beware of your speed cause you easily miss that turn.
  • Penong Windmill Museum – This’s an exciting place to collect various windmills here; also, we take a break and have lunch.
  • Ceduna (Optional) – A small town that lets you take a break if you need.
  • Streaky Bay – This’s a beautiful port bay as a destination for our day road trip.

Our Experience:

We visited Eucla Jetty near the Eucla Motel in the morning, drove there, parked the car, and got off for a walk. It’s an unmanned beach, so you can full aqua & white sand beach, really stunning! The color similar to Lucky Bay can be added to your alone trip if you have a car.

Alright, it’s time to leave Western Australia; beyond the border, we were now back to South Australia. WA has finished. By the way, there is no need to check your car while passing through the border of the WA checkpoint.

Keep Moving Along the Coast

Another stunning attraction is the Australian Bight. You need car parking at the lookout (check the place list upon), walk to that lookout, see this stunning coast, epic but really scary when standing at the platform. We noticed some caravans parking here, most of them were family and elderly couples.

We take a break at Penong Windmill Museum, eating lunch with those windmills, just like in Netherland, lol.

Where Do We Stay?

Then, we will cross several towns, and we will inadvertently decide to stay in Streaky bay (Considerate driving distance & hrs). This small town along the sea is also beautiful. We stayed at Streaky Bay Hotel-Motel. Good room decorating & best self-service restaurant has yummy food here as dinner & breakfast.

Day 29 – Streaky bay to Port Augusta or Adelaide

Murphys Haystacks SA Australia
Murphys Haystacks SA Australia

Route Navigation from Streaky Bay to Adelaide

  • Estimated driving time: 8 hr 33 min
  • Estimated distance: 771 km

Check this route on Google Map>>

Place Passed:

As this route, you will cross these places:

  • Murphys Haystacks – A naturally shaped rock pile there looks like a dinosaur egg. Carved by wind erosion for a long time, free entry.
  • Pildappa Rock – A giant rock similar to Ayers Rock (Uluru). You can climb to the top and be careful of scary height and free entry.
  • Minnipa (Optional) – A small town that lets you take a break have lunch.
  • Kyancutta (Optional) – A small town that enables you to take a break.
  • Kimba (Optional) – Another small town that enables you to take a break.
  • Port Augusta – After several hours driving, we almost went back to this town, this circle from western, we finished the main route in our road trip. You can consider staying here for a night or keep moving back to Adelaide.
  • Crystal Brook (Optional) – A small town lets you take a break before entering the city.
  • Adelaide City – We visited here again but stayed at North West Adelaide Port Adelaide Backpackers, the cheapest and self-service facilities. What about city tours? Well, it’s the next day.

Our Experience:

We drove through this longest highway with two attractions visiting, Murphys Haystacks & Pildappa Rock. All wild attractions let us stand just like in Ayers Rock, have a bit of a walk & have some photos, really special-shaped places worth driving through. But our time is not much, we have to arrive in Adelaide on this day because of budget control and reach a 30 days limit.

Following this route as that pic is also the only way to go back to Adelaide through Port Augusta, you just across many small towns & vast ground unknown farms. Just need to pay attention to your fuel when you see a petrol station at the roadside.

As our millstone, I was set to complete the longest route through SA, NT, and WA. So Check this point; you know what I mean.

Initially, we wanted to head to Port Lincoln; considering the time and budget, we skipped this place which is below the Southern and returned to Adelaide City through Port Augusta straightly.

Where Do We Stay?

Finally, we arrived at Adelaide at night time safety, no need to worry about kangaroos on this way. Port Adelaide Backpackers is our last accommodation in this road trip plan. We met some friends and shared our experiences with them. They are backpackers still invalid visas; they feel shocked that we can make this long driving road trip for 4 weeks (30 days). They will follow this article to plan for themselves.

Day 30 – Adelaide to Melbourne

State Library of South Australia SA Australia
State Library of Adelaide – Must-see attraction in Adelaide City.

Route Navigation from Adelaide to Melbourne

  • Estimated driving time: 10 hr 26 min
  • Estimated distance: 882 km

Check this route on Google Map>>

Place Passed:

As this route, you will cross these places:

  • Murray Bridge (Optional) – This’s a medium town that we belong to. Many backpackers work here, but it’s another story; tell you later.
  • Bordertown – This’s a town close to the border of SA/VIC; you can take a break and have lunch.
  • Horsham (Optional) – A small town you can take a break if you need.
  • Bendigo (Optional) – This’s another best town to visit. A gold mine town just like Super Pit in Kalgoorlie, an optional place you can add.
  • Ballarat (Optional) – A big town that you can take a break and have dinner; I guess it’s nighttime.
  • Melbourne City – This’s the final destination for our road trip; we drove back to the city center as we finished! Welcome back to Melbourne!

Our Experience:

In Adelaide City, everything is simple! We took a tour of the city center this day. Although, in our trip plan, we just visited some places in the University of Adelaide like the State Library of South Australia, a historic site under limited visitors. We were lucky we were inside, led by their manager in off time.

There are many places worth visiting near Adelaide City. You can even go to Kangaroo Island & Victor Harbour in west South Adelaide, but you better need 3-4 more days for driving through. It’s not in our plan; you can take research and add to yours.

On the last day, we only wanna save money, so we left Adelaide directly and headed back to Melbourne through the main highway. Bendigo is another option you can consider; it’s a gold town past.

Melbourne City VIC Australia
Melbourne City VIC Australia

Once we arrived in Melbourne, our Australia road trip was complete with these tall buildings, almost taken 30 days, one month just enough!

In this final part of the article, our Australia road trip of 4 weeks has been accomplished! Congratulations, you have a safe long-drive journey!

How Much It Cost for The Australia Road Trip 30 Days Plan?

Road trip around Australia 4 weeks drive route map Australia
Australia road trip 4 weeks drive map

Actually, I save most not spent too much on an expensive purchase like restaurants & hotels. As a backpacker, every dollar must be in control. But I can drive all routes of Western Australia through Central in 30 days. It just cost $4,000 for me! Average spent $100 in a single day! What do you think? Expensive or cheaper?

Also, we visited over 100 beautiful attractions along this route by controlling the budget every day in the limited payout. So if you are planning an Australia road trip itinerary for your own, $4,000 is an indicative amount per person covered most of all!

Do you wanna know the full details for the Australia road trip in the budget?

Do you want to know how I limit and control my budget & route planning?

This entire report shows you how I plan an Australia road trip in 30 days, $4,000 per person. Click Here Read Detail>>

Is This Plan Good for Visitor Visa in Shorten Traveler?

I must say, this route counts over 12k kilometers totally with 3-time car service. In my experience, the first time car service is before the road trip, the second is in Darwin. Third, in Perth, separated each 5k kilometers and must make appointments for a car mechanic.

That means you must own this car in 2nd hand with valid registration. Unless you are a permanent resident or working holiday backpacker, it might be difficult for those on a visitor visa.

If you rent a caravan, camper van, or SUV, you must consider your main route and budget for vehicle rent. You usually need to pay an extra fee once your car exceeds 3,000 km.

Check our Resource Page for car rental service if you need it.


Does Road Trip Finish?


I will share route research in East Coast Australia during my working holiday 2 years of experience in other posts. Don’t worry about that. It’s easy to link the East Australia trip to the West Australia route. Still, if you want all-around AUS, only one thing you need is to get much more money at first & bring you to freedom mainland!

But first, let’s get started on the route from Melbourne through Uluru around Western Australia! Ready move out!

Here’s the e-book download link below & you can get it for FREE!

E-Book of Road Trip Half Australia

>>Free Download Copy Road Trip Itinerary!

Plan Your Next Road Trip by Reading This Australia Guide Book!

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