8 Things Must Think Before Road Trip Australia

Are you planning for your road trip itinerary now? Those many beautiful places make you feel chill out while standing there that can’t wait to move. I know you got some ideas on the plan you tried to do well, but let me show you some points you better consider for road trip preparation before you start the trip.

Points of Road Trip Preparation Australia

Why think again? I must say it’s not easy on a road trip in Australia no matter where you go; nobody knows what will happen next on the way. Australia is a large mainland far away from here to somewhere with several hours a half-day driving. That’s means there are many uncontrollable variables in your trip, so before you start your road trip, better think about these 8 points:

1. What Destination Do You want to In?

The Gap WA Australia

There are many pretty attractions in Australia that make people chill out. But, at the same time, they widen the ground or enjoy the sunset & sea. Some places need a climbing trail or walk along a long track beyond the high mountain. All those natural places are waiting for you to come across, so you need to consider what areas you would like or desire. Here we list 50 natural tourist attractions that make you stress out & memorialize your lifestyle while there.

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2. What Kind Of Vehicle Do You Own or Doesn’t Need It?

jeep vehicle for road trip

Thousands of people come to Australia to travel. Still, they don’t have self-transport to move anywhere, only public transport like trains, buses & airplanes. These public transports don’t mean the worst, but if you take them, you can only visit limited attractions where these transports can reach as you can. I said their public tours aren’t pretty deep visits; for instance, you join a tour via a travel agent & sign-in on a specific date. Is that trip you want? Do you like it?

You want to see those primary & well-known attractions. But, if you wish, you can rent a car for yourself, travel free to move around, absolutely get something different from your trip. As number one, it depends on what place you want to be.

Thank About Your Car Budget

The question is, consider renting a car or buying a second-hand car for either you & me, no matter what kind of visa activates in Australia. Most people are thinking. How much is car rent or buy I should pay for that?

Think about it, if you would like to rent a car, whether you’re working holiday, student or visit (travel) visa. If you want to have an interstate road trip, your car rental budget will increase several thousand dollars. The advantage of a rental car is to protect your all safety with specific full insurance; you don’t need to worry about car repair unless there is an unexpected accident.

On the other hand, the rent of any car will eat your wallet up. Some people will buy a second-hand car instead of a rental vehicle because a second-hand car is cheaper than most backpackers & students prefer.

Wagon? Vans? or Caravan vans?

Once you decide to buy a second-hand car, what parts need to notice when choosing the best vehicle before? Here I write another article showing how to select an excellent second-hand vehicle.

3. How Much Money Will It Cost for A Road Trip?

Australian cash notes

Road trips around Australia are an excellent style for deep traveling. Generally, most people drive some specific routes no longer from A to B; even long traveling takes several weeks or over a month.

But some people try to rent a camper van & take over 35 days to three months traveling in Australia. So, a different long road trip will decide the budget they need to pay. If you ask us how much a road trip costs, I give the cheapest amount to make it easy to determine action: $3,000!

You don’t believe it, I know! However, there are some conditions you must think about it. For instance, how many places are you going to be? Back to number one paragraph depends on how beautiful attractions you want to be. Once again, it’s essential to decide how deep your wallet is.

But we made it only two people to travel around Australia at a lower cost; I will write a full report to tell you how we did it.

4. Should I Join Tour & Add Self Drive Through Somewhere Route?

Kings Canyon NT Australia

You can join the tour to visit if you feel it’s too far away, it’s alright, but you’re thinking about it around Australia? Not easy, also will cost you so much! But some people still try & do it.

One of my friends got three ladies total of four people; they don’t want to drive through the Uluru. Hence, they book a tour to visit central Australia, that tour includes an airplane, pick up service & local agent, that tour takes four days for them. Then, they flew to Perth & rent an SUV self-driving from Perth, going up through Kalbarri to Broome.

What do you think about half driving & half tour? They got cons & pros, the pros are they have a great escape along the west coast trip, but the cons are they spend so much money to rent the SUV & tour of Uluru booking.

Want to separate the route? My point? I’ve let you know how cool I finish driving all around Australia at a lower cost & shorten time; Click Here to read more.

5. Should I Buy Insurance? What Kind Of Insurance Need to Apply?

write down & plan for next trip

Before you come to Australia, you already bought your insurance for the most unexpected situation, even death in your original country.

But you’re now in Australia; I suggest you better prepare at least one Australian insurance for your safety. For instance, once you have a car accident in any situation & delivered to the hospital for several nights of treatment. As my friend experienced, the medical cost was AUD 3011 for her in an emergency just one night in hospital only.

Nobody knows what happens while you’re on the way, so buying local Australian insurance for traveling is pretty essential. At least afford the billing that doesn’t need to pay at first should be alright!

If you don’t buy any insurance, we’ll always pray for you to have a safe road trip once on the way.

6. Should I Put Mechanic Tools in My Car?

car rear luggages

Well, drive your vehicle. That should be fine, but if you just rent a car, up to you because you can call the roadside assistance service without paying first (it must depend on your insurance policy). They’ve punch tools to support you for most repairs. But in my experience, I got three automotive tools you better put at the rear, the battery clip line, the jack, tire wrench.

It can use a battery clip line for vehicle power to start the engine & keep it in. That’s pretty important because you don’t know when your car needs a clip to get ability unless you own the brand new car. The jack & tire wrench is also essential for changing the tires while stuck on the side road; it’s always under the road risk. You never know the tire will hit some items or be pierced by a sharp.

Most risks happen anytime, so you need to prepare these tools for your car. If your vehicle didn’t get one, you should buy one better for you. Otherwise, you don’t want to see your lost several hundred thousand pays for an assistant.

Check your car if you have a spare tire set up in your car, at least one for any situation.

7. What Type of Mobile Service Do I Need?

Australia telecom mobile service

It’s always a good question for an Australian road trip. But, unfortunately, I’ve heard too many stories from a bunch of friends who almost got no signal while traveling, especially Optus & Vodafone. In my experience, Telstra is the best choice for connection in most wild places, but in many inland or far away bays still got no service.

It is especially true after leaving those small towns in the Northern SA & inland Northern Territory. The signal has jumped from 4G to 3G to no service or SOS only. Not each place they establish communication stations, you know. Moreover, Boost mobile gives you much more data than Telstra mobile.

Talk about mobile service; besides Telstra, is any other mobile service you can apply to it?

Here I recommend two services; the one is Boost, it uses the wire which Telstra provides, most big cities it’s no problem for signal 4G, in most small towns they still work well. The other mobile service is Optus; it got a better call in some distant places while Telstra is down. For example, while we went through Kings Canyon & Curtin Springs, my friend used Optus to work, but my Telstra was still down!

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8. Are you Fully Patient with Long Driving?

Prepare for long driving when see this brand in Australia

It’s no joke, mate! Australia is a large mainland wide & far away while those places you’re on the way. Any route which moves from A to B takes at least one to two hours driving which means you must be patient, stay on your seat & hold the wheel the whole day.

For instance, if you want to go to Uluru from Adelaide, do you measure the distance of the route? It’s 1,595 km and takes 17 hrs driving!

That’s impossible to arrive in one day unless you drive over 12 hrs if you want. But separate most three days that you can cause an average of 5-7 hrs in a single day, like going to working 8 hours a day almost working & working.

So on the road trip, your mindset must be to prepare like working, make sure your seat is comfortable & wear a belt & rider glove, prepare cans of Red Bull & ice water, then go for it!

Next time I will keep updating and add more points if I get any ideas.

Are You Ready to Start a Road Trip?

Australia is a remarkable mainland to have a great adventure for travelers. Even if you would like to escape from the city, have a fantastic longer vacation as road trips feel a chill when you see those far mountains & sea. So you never miss out on this chance to own, now plan your schedule & have a better trip!

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